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So my cousin is getting married and she is the first person in our side of the family and in my generation to get married.

Thus, this precipitates a LOT of discussion between Mommy Duck and my paternal grandmother, Grandma Alien, because of course, I am the eldest cousin of my generation and also, the first born girl. And incidentally, still boyfriend-less and happy to stay that way.

I think you guys can guess where THIS is going... )

Okay, so between Mommy Duck and Grandma Alien, I guess I should just accept my doom, right?  Also, I know, my Imagination is a Hopeless Loon - I'm resigned to that too. :P 

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I've mentioned in previous posts that my Mom is also a Fangirl. So there's reason for her to smile and listen indulgently when I squee over Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams and Hawaii Five-0 (2010).

She still prefers Original Flavor Five-O, though.

However, we had this conversation:

Mommy Duck: You know, I've figured out why you like this new version of Steve McGarrett.

Me: (blinks) Because he's cute?

Mommy Duck: (looks at the TV screen consideringly) He resembles your father.

Me: (flails) OMG! WHAT. I CAN'T EVEN.

The hilarious thing is that my dear, departed Daddy Alien loved watching TV with me and was terribly entertained whenever he figured out that I'm crushing on the leads. And because he's a bit of a loon himself (gee, I wonder where I get that from....), he'd puff himself up and say, "Didn't you know? I'm <insert name of TV actor here>." And my Mom would laugh and roll her eyes and they'd flirt while I groan and tell him he's being delusional, as per usual.

So yeah, my Dad (who I still miss terribly, especially now) would most likely give me this goofy expression and say, "Didn't you know? I'm Steve McGarrett!"

Much later.... )
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If there were such a thing as blogs and the Internet back in the 1960s, I'm sure my mother would've been one of the first to be squeeing online.

Mom's history of fandom is legendary. If there are any Filipinos out there on my F-list - know that my mother was one of the original Nora Aunor fans. And yes, she was a shameless, shameless Nora Aunor / Tirso Cruz III shipper. For my mother, the battlecry was and forever will be: GUY AND PIP FOREVER!!!!!!! (Guy and Pip being the nicknames of Nora & Tirso).

For the non-Pinoys out there wondering WTF they are - let's just put this into perspective. Nora was a singer and actress; Tirso was an actor. They were like the Bella & Edward or the Kirsten Stewart & Robert Pattinson of their day. Yeah. Screaming Pinoy teenagers adored them.

And since my beloved Mommy Duck is a sweetheart, she DID hang out with her idols at some point because she was part of their mega fan club. She used to tell me that Filipino matinee idol Tirso Cruz III was a nice guy - he was very friendly and accessible to his fans. He actually went with their group to visit a sick fan in the hospital.

Mommy Duck as a Fangirl (or in her case, a FanLady) is about 10,000 kinds of adorable.

These days, Mom is all about the Korean telenovelas, the occasional anime, Star Wars and now, she's trying to wrap her head around the latest set of Marvel movies. She likes Captain America now and oh Ceiling Cat have mercy on us all, don't let her get started on Twilight. It's HARD to believe that I was the one who originally brought the books into the house! *facepalms*

And then, there's Hawaii Five-0....

Cut for length and MOAR Danny & Steve pics! )

I LOVE my Mom.

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Found these lovely pics via alexoloughlinrocks.com but since I don't want to gank on someone's bandwidth, I decided to put these in my photobucket album.

My mother and I have a long-standing argument about the 2010 version of McGarrett & Danno versus the 1968 version. Mommy Duck is of the opinion that the 1968 guys have better dress sense (even if a suit and tie isn't exactly practical in the Hawaiian heat). Obviously, I like the 2010 boys and think that 2010 McGarrett looks hot no matter what he's wearing. LOL.

Of course, upon seeing these pictures...I think Mommy Duck's going to approve.

*coughcough* I know my Danny Muse approves..... (cackles again) 

Damn, Steve looks good.... )

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Anyone who's been hanging 'round my LJ long enough will know that yeah, I've had my brushes over the years with the Weird and Scary. 

Understand that I don't go around Looking for This Kind of Stuff.  But apparently, I'm a bit sensitive to it.  I don't See Them.  But I've learned to trust my intuition for this over the years.  So when I start feeling sick when there's no reason for me to, when I feel that odd heaviness or weight on my shoulders out of the blue, when the hairs start rising on the back of my neck for no good reason?  I get the hell out of there.  Like yesterday.  

And then, Grandmother Duck Told Me About the Vampire... )
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This is, more or less, the conversation I had with darling Mommy Duck just before I managed to drag her off to see Star Trek for the SECOND time.

Mommy Duck & Me... )
Yes, internets - Mommy Duck is a bigger Twilight fan than me. Breaking Dawn is currently MIA from my bookshelf and all because Mommy Duck is reading it for like, the nth time. Heh.

ETA:  At the end of our second viewing, Mommy Duck was trying to do the Vulcan hand sign thingy.  I'm so proud of her.  My Mom the Fangirl...er... FanLADY ROCKS.  So much love!!!

That being said, I highly recommend clicky-clicking on the following:

1. Just for Laughs as well as an FYI:
10 Things You Should Probably Know About Star Trek

Like I said, my high school classmate Zsar was the one who thoroughly indoctrinated me in things Star Trek and it is a testament to her sacred teachings that I knew this list was so RIGHT ON.

Plus, it's delightful to see how this new movie's bringing in the really new fans, with the inevitable desire to know more about all things Trek.

2. FICS!!!!!!

Necessity by [personal profile] iulia_linnea- Spock/Uhura, PG
Short, sweet and so spot on. And this was a wonderful first find for me, especially since we're just seeing the beginnings of the new fic coming in. Beautiful look into a certain Vulcan's pointy-eared head - we're all just dying to figure THAT one out, aren't we?



Spock meditates upon her name as he continues toward her quarters. Grief shared is grief eased; this is a lesson that his mother attempted to teach him, and one that he did not fully comprehend until Nyota taught it to him again in her own way.

How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [livejournal.com profile] sparky77- Gen, lots of UST to go round
Does it EVER!!! This is worth a read AFTER you guys have seen the movie. Warnings: Do NOT eat or drink ANYTHING while reading this fic. I will not be responsible for your ruined monitors/keyboards as you ROFLMAO.

There are so many quotes to choose from but I must stick with one:

Kirk slouches in his chair and sighs. McCoy will give him this; the man is a champion at slouching. There’s something about the way he slouches that seems to be saying, ‘I could be sitting straight, but the universe just couldn’t handle the awesomeness of me being fully upright in this chair.’ It’s a lot to say in just the way he sits. It’s impressive.

The Fury and The Mire of Human Veins and its prequel Escape Velocity by [profile] teinm_laida- Kirk/Spock, R
There's still a lot of story to tell here but it's a great beginning with the makings of a interesting plot. Intense, great characterization and boy do I want to see more. Worth watching out for. Run & read now!


Kirk could see the truth of that statement in the way Spock slouched into the pillowed wall behind him, a bizarre mockery of a smirk ghosting about his lips. Spock had never seemed more confident.

*Stitch imagines Quinto!Spock in this.*

*Brain Explodes.*

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Mommy Duck went to the market today. 

Mommy Duck saw a cute little baby boy (probably not a minute over one year old) with blonde hair and blue eyes, sitting amiably in his pram, apparently determined to accompany his nanny to the market. 

Mommy Duck made the acquaintance of Blue-eyed Baby and Nanny and Baby proved to be a charming, affable young fellow, who will probably be making the ladies swoon when he is a lot older. 

When Mommy Duck came home, she happily told her still boyfriend-less (and happy to stay that way) Duckling all about her new little friend. 

And the kicker is when Mommy Duck tells her Duckling:  "Oh I wish you'd give me one of those.  One day.  Maybe when you marry Daniel Craig?"

Okay.  She wants me to marry James Bond.  So I can give her blue-eyed grandbabies. 


(falls over dead)

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I had to do it. This had to be recorded for posterity.

This is what my Mom told boyfriend-less (and happy to stay that way) me today:

"Oh duckling? I've just found the place where we can buy your wedding dress!"

My Response:

a. Falls off chair.

b. Flails.

c. WTF?????!!!!!

d. Dies

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So Mommy Duck is now almost as addicted to watching Initial D as I am and just finished watching Initial D Third Stage. Over breakfast today, she announced that "Of course Ryosuke is gay. Look at him racing with Takumi at the end of the movie, he says he never wants to let him go! And Takumi gave up his girlfriend to join his racing group. They're in love!"

Me (vainly trying to stop the giggles): "So I suppose I should tell you that Ryosuke sent Takumi a dozen roses just to challenge him to a drag race?"

Mommy Duck: See?! What did I tell you? They're in love! They're soulmates through their racing! Even Keisuke is jealous of them!

Me: *has died laughing*

For the nth time, I love my Mom.


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