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This is, more or less, the conversation I had with darling Mommy Duck just before I managed to drag her off to see Star Trek for the SECOND time.

Mommy Duck & Me... )
Yes, internets - Mommy Duck is a bigger Twilight fan than me. Breaking Dawn is currently MIA from my bookshelf and all because Mommy Duck is reading it for like, the nth time. Heh.

ETA:  At the end of our second viewing, Mommy Duck was trying to do the Vulcan hand sign thingy.  I'm so proud of her.  My Mom the Fangirl...er... FanLADY ROCKS.  So much love!!!

That being said, I highly recommend clicky-clicking on the following:

1. Just for Laughs as well as an FYI:
10 Things You Should Probably Know About Star Trek

Like I said, my high school classmate Zsar was the one who thoroughly indoctrinated me in things Star Trek and it is a testament to her sacred teachings that I knew this list was so RIGHT ON.

Plus, it's delightful to see how this new movie's bringing in the really new fans, with the inevitable desire to know more about all things Trek.

2. FICS!!!!!!

Necessity by [personal profile] iulia_linnea- Spock/Uhura, PG
Short, sweet and so spot on. And this was a wonderful first find for me, especially since we're just seeing the beginnings of the new fic coming in. Beautiful look into a certain Vulcan's pointy-eared head - we're all just dying to figure THAT one out, aren't we?



Spock meditates upon her name as he continues toward her quarters. Grief shared is grief eased; this is a lesson that his mother attempted to teach him, and one that he did not fully comprehend until Nyota taught it to him again in her own way.

How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership by [livejournal.com profile] sparky77- Gen, lots of UST to go round
Does it EVER!!! This is worth a read AFTER you guys have seen the movie. Warnings: Do NOT eat or drink ANYTHING while reading this fic. I will not be responsible for your ruined monitors/keyboards as you ROFLMAO.

There are so many quotes to choose from but I must stick with one:

Kirk slouches in his chair and sighs. McCoy will give him this; the man is a champion at slouching. There’s something about the way he slouches that seems to be saying, ‘I could be sitting straight, but the universe just couldn’t handle the awesomeness of me being fully upright in this chair.’ It’s a lot to say in just the way he sits. It’s impressive.

The Fury and The Mire of Human Veins and its prequel Escape Velocity by [profile] teinm_laida- Kirk/Spock, R
There's still a lot of story to tell here but it's a great beginning with the makings of a interesting plot. Intense, great characterization and boy do I want to see more. Worth watching out for. Run & read now!


Kirk could see the truth of that statement in the way Spock slouched into the pillowed wall behind him, a bizarre mockery of a smirk ghosting about his lips. Spock had never seemed more confident.

*Stitch imagines Quinto!Spock in this.*

*Brain Explodes.*

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If my old high school classmate Zsar could read this now, I imagine she'd be laughing her ass off...

So, I've seen the new Star Trek movie and I have to post my review.... )On a silly side note: 

So, I know that the term "slash" owes its existence to Kirk / Spock fan fiction which has been around even before the internets.  So much so that "Admiral Kirk" supposedly put a disclaimer in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture novel tie-in where he emphatically states that he and Spock are not shagging each other and that the term "t'hy'la" does not necessarily have to set off our slash-dars. 

He doth protest too much, I know. XP

So, I know that new movie Spock and new movie Kirk are established as FIRMLY, ABSOLUTELY, STRAIGHT (I can see you guys falling into your respective slashy gutters from here...) so, please, please, please, will someone point me into the direction of the new Kirk/Spock fan fiction please?  And the Spock/Uhura fics as well, 'cause het is fun too...


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