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I know I loved the book but seeing it on the big screen..... er.... omg.... cheese..... so much cheese..... LOL.

So I got lucky and was given a ticket to see Eclipse - the latest Twilight installment.  And you know you've got your monster werewolves (which are THE most adorable werewolves I have ever seen on screen - nice doggy....).  And we get this scene where Jacob gets his widdle doggy heart broken and Bella runs after him. 

Bella:  Jacob!!!!!! STAAAAAY!!!!

I could not help myself.  While the audience laughed, I actually said this out loud and got people around me laughing harder:  (I really couldn't help it.  I just couldn't.)

Me:  Sit! Heel!  Roll over!!   Good boooooy.......

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Just saw the A-Team.  My one sentence review:


It just brings back fond memories like you wouldn't believe.   Liam Neeson as Hannibal is as smokin' hot as George Peppard as Hannibal.   Bradley Cooper is loads of fun as the new Faceman.  Sharlto Copley is as priceless a Murdock as the original fella (Dwight Schultz - ladies and germs!!!!).  And though he ain't Mr. T, Quinton Jackson ain't nobody's fool and he don't need no pity. 

Sigh.  Even as a kid I had a huge crush on the good Colonel.   Now that I've seen the movie, I realize where I really got my original penchant for silver hair, blue eyes, bad-ass confidence and goofyness and super-smarts. 

Now.... I really, really need to try to figure out this Plot Bunny that wants me to write Hannibal and Optimus Prime into a story.....

The 1980s RULE!!!!!! 


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