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Again, this chapter is dedicated to [profile] joannindiwwith much thanks.

Evil plans are afoot, boys and girls! *cackles*

Earlier chapters of As You Wish are here:




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As promised, the next chapter of As You Wish is dedicated, with much love and thanks to [profile] joannindiw whose generous gift of books came unexpectedly and just in time to brighten up my day.

Previous chapters of the misadventures of Hastley and Snapercup may be found at my Skyehawke site or the hpfandom site on my links list or just clicky on below: 

Previous Chapters 
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To my utter horror, this whole Lily n' Sev thing has turned into a SERIES! AIEE!

You don't have to read the others to get it, but the other, earlier-written tales are here:

First Kiss - A Snupin Tale
Mister Sandman, Bring Me A Dream? - a sort of Snarry pre-slash tale

On to the fic )
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This shortfic's been on the back burner for quite a bit and it took me a while to get it together. It's kind of Snarry and kind of pre-slash, with a bit of a twist. Heh.

The ShortFic )
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Here's the next chapter of my Snarry Vampire Story.

Clickety-Click for the next part )
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What the HELL am I thinking?! *facepalms*

*glares at her pretending-to-be-innocent Muses*


The Prologue to the Vampire Fic of Doom )
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A brief commercial break from As You Wish. [livejournal.com profile] murasaki99's Morrie demanded my attention and being under his thrall *coughcough* - I had to hop to it and do what he wanted.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] blue_raven and [livejournal.com profile] lherelenfeline for beta! XP

Stitch and Morrie's Insane Fic of Doom )
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Previous chapters are HERE.

Warning! Capslock abuse ahead. Heh. My salute to OotP!

Get your W.O.U.S. here! )
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Yes, definitely on a roll right here...

The Next Chapter )
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Are we on a roll or what?

On a more serious note, I find the notion of little Kat listening to her Daddy tell silly stories, just like I did long ago, very comforting.

The Next Chapter )
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I know, I know, I know. I have been terribly remiss. But now, we're back on my crazy, zany little Snarry tale.

For those just tuning in, earlier chapters of As You Wish are HERE or check my LJ memories.

The new Chapter, with notes and some minor HBP spoilers in the notes. )


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