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Dear CNN and The Rest of the World:

I'm sure that you guys were incredulous at the apparently positive/supportive reactions of certain Filipinos during the hostage situation the day before yesterday, in which a 56 year old civil engineer held 32 little schoolkids hostage on their school bus for 10 hours, on a hot summer's day, when they were supposed to be going on a field trip. 


Feel free to check the link.  In any case, the guy claimed he had the very best of intentions and was "fighting for the kids" so they get a free education and a better future and decent housing and all that wonderful gobshite that our politicians keep promising us but never give. 


Okay, fine, he had apparently good noble intentions.  I'm a FILIPINO and folks, if one of MY kids were on that bus, held by a guy who should be a certified nutcase and had a gun and grenades in his possession - I would want the law to descend like the Wrath of God on him.  I don't care if this will get my kid to college - HE STILL PUT THOSE KIDS IN DANGER.  Granted, the grenades were fakes, but who the hell knew that at the time?  What if the grenades were real and he'd dropped them?  What if some trigger-happy police officer jumped the gun and those kids got shot at by accident?  What if HE jumped the gun and managed to shoot a kid by accident?

HELL, YEAH, MAYBE the politician-negotiators involved are going to follow through on their promises of education and all that but what if any of the kids had been killed?  Could Mr. Jun Ducat replace those precious lives for their parents?  Can any amount of money bring a child back to life, a kid who should by rights be just playing and watching cartoons and be safe and loved by their parents?

And he's had a history of doing this BEFORE, for Chrissakes!

Think about it - there's a reason why IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO SAY THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS

This was precisely the sort of thinking a certain German leader had when he said he wanted a better life for his country, to lead it to greatness.  His solution?  Oh, why not just send a certain group of people with different ethnic/religious beliefs to the gas chambers because it was ALL THEIR FAULT that the country was going to hell in a handbasket.

This was precisely the sort of thinking a certain more recent Infamous Most Hated Man in the World had when he said he wanted to strike a blow against the Great Satan/the evil imperialist  - whatever stupid rhetoric fanatics are using against the US, its allies and whoever else they think is against them.  Strike a great blow for the good guys, bring the evil corrupt decadent West down etc.  His solution?  Oh, why not hijack a couple of passenger airliners and run them into a pair of skyscrapers, never mind if INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE. 

So no, I do NOT condone Jun Ducat's actions.  I am disgusted and appalled and sickened by them.  If he genuinely wants to help his fellow Filipinos, if he wants to point out the crap state of our country and get us Filipinos moving to make it better - he should do it the RIGHT WAY - without involving the endangerment of innocents, especially children.   And I am praying that our politicians don't take it into their heads to make this some sort of publicity stunt to get them elected.  I'm also praying no one else over here gets it into their heads to try and pull the same stunt. 

Justice should be done. 

I will not say I am ashamed to be Filipino at this moment.  Rather, I'm gonna hold my head up high and say what's gotta be said.  Somebody has to. 

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Okay, apparently, this idiot right down here:


STOLE my old Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) fan fiction Shadow in the Sun which was published four years ago. The story is listed at my ff.net site


and has been on hiatus for a while. In fact, I was thinking of reviving and rewriting it, the same way I revived and rewrote my one and only Star Wars fan fiction A Single Touch of Grace.

A reviewer brought this to my attention and well, granted that the plagiarizing actually happened three years ago (the idiot plagiarizer's publish date for his or her "very first Rurouni Kenshin fan fic" is 6/14/03 - still, my mind just absolutely boggles. Especially since it HAS gone undetected for so long. My only consolation is that the idiot at least didn't continue stealing my story and just stopped at the prologue.

This was MY first Rurouni Kenshin story, written alllllllllllll the way back when I was just barely out of college and it is kind of awkward in places and at that point, I was slowly learning the trick of balancing Original Characters and the Canon Characters without pulling a Mary Sue/Harry Stu. But it's STILL something I WORKED ON.

I know there's some people who'd shrug and say, hell, it's FAN FICTION. Still, I'm not pretending I made up Rurouni Kenshin. Or claiming I was the one who wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We all know where the original Muses came from and we acknowledge that in our disclaimers and we sure as hell are NOT happy when someone steals OUR ideas without so much as a by your leave or a "hey, this story was inspired by..."

Oi vei. Anyhoo, I've reported the idiot to Fanfiction.net admin. I'm not gonna bother emailing the person directly because picking a fight over email will just waste my time. Sigh. Hopefully no one else has decided it would be entertaining to grab any of my other stories and put them up as theirs. It may not be great literature, but them's MY babies and I'll thank any would-be plagiarizers to keep their bloody mitts off.



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