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Small, fuzzy and blue, 'Stitch not only runs the Blanket Fort as its Commander but also serves up coffee and dessert at Cafe/Club Denial, which is run by the Original Dark Lord of Middle Earth and Sauron's Former Boss, Morgoth "Morrie" Bauglir. Stitch likes to play mother hen and has a penchant for taking in strays of all types and species. She is known to associate with a pair of gorgeous dhampires, one redheaded hitokiri, a mischievous Revenant Prince, one vampire detective, the "souled" vampire who resembles Billy Idol and is secretly a romantic Victorian poet, one cute green-eyed Gryffindor wizard, the cute wizard's equally cute mum in her teenage form, a certain Snarky Potions Master, a trio of mischievous wizard "bratlings," a Sith Lord named Ani, a Really Old Guy, an angsty teenage alien and the angsty teenage alien's equally angsty rich best friend. Sidelines as a Vampire Slayer with the mischievous Revenant Prince. Stitch can also be seen trying to keep a certain silver-haired, sweet, featherbrained travelling priest (who doesn't have vampires for lunch, honest!) out of trouble. The task seems almost impossible but she does have help in the person of a little redheaded nun. Another frequent guest at Club Denial and The Blanket Fort happens to be a Big EFFING Robot who transforms into a Peterbilt truck and his friendly young scout who transforms into a very cool Camaro.

Stitch has also been caught up in the adventures of a certain crack commando group which includes the mad and delightful Dread Pirate Captain Murdock and a certain Brave Knight Bosco who can be a bit difficult when it comes to flying. These days, she's currently trying not to laugh too much at the bantering (read: flirting) between a certain Navy SEAL and his long-suffering Jersey detective partner. Her current partner in crime is said Jersey detective's mischievous little girl.
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