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Found this courtesy of alexoloughlinrocks.com who in turn got it from Just Jared.com

All I can say is this... )Excuse me, I'll just go...uh.... pick up my poor Danny Muse off the floor. 

You guys realize this needs fic, right? 
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So my cousin is getting married and she is the first person in our side of the family and in my generation to get married.

Thus, this precipitates a LOT of discussion between Mommy Duck and my paternal grandmother, Grandma Alien, because of course, I am the eldest cousin of my generation and also, the first born girl. And incidentally, still boyfriend-less and happy to stay that way.

I think you guys can guess where THIS is going... )

Okay, so between Mommy Duck and Grandma Alien, I guess I should just accept my doom, right?  Also, I know, my Imagination is a Hopeless Loon - I'm resigned to that too. :P 

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I've mentioned in previous posts that my Mom is also a Fangirl. So there's reason for her to smile and listen indulgently when I squee over Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams and Hawaii Five-0 (2010).

She still prefers Original Flavor Five-O, though.

However, we had this conversation:

Mommy Duck: You know, I've figured out why you like this new version of Steve McGarrett.

Me: (blinks) Because he's cute?

Mommy Duck: (looks at the TV screen consideringly) He resembles your father.

Me: (flails) OMG! WHAT. I CAN'T EVEN.

The hilarious thing is that my dear, departed Daddy Alien loved watching TV with me and was terribly entertained whenever he figured out that I'm crushing on the leads. And because he's a bit of a loon himself (gee, I wonder where I get that from....), he'd puff himself up and say, "Didn't you know? I'm <insert name of TV actor here>." And my Mom would laugh and roll her eyes and they'd flirt while I groan and tell him he's being delusional, as per usual.

So yeah, my Dad (who I still miss terribly, especially now) would most likely give me this goofy expression and say, "Didn't you know? I'm Steve McGarrett!"

Much later.... )
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So I have just been blindsided by a doozy of a Plot Bunny.

Y'know.... in the Transformers fandom, Ratchet/Wheeljack is a fairly popular slash pairing (yes, Giant Robot Slash, I know, I don't care, it's FUN, okay?).

Ratchet is often portrayed as snarky, sarcastic, hot-tempered and prone to throwing wrenches at the objects of his wrath. 

Wheeljack is an ADORKABLE, mad inventor who loves taking risks and making things go BOOM.

These two sound like the robot versions of Steve and Danny OMGWTFHBBQ PLOT BUNNY TIEMZ....


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So there's the new Avengers' trailer and Robert Downey Jr. makes it HILARIOUSLY easy for me to slash his Tony Stark with Steve Rogers, who apparently reminds me very much of another Steve currently in my fandom life right now *koffH50koff*

So, okay, F-List, let me know:  DO I WANT TO READ STEVE ROGERS/TONY STARK SLASH?  Is this another black hole that I'll fall into.... possibly write for? 

Um.... lemme know your answers in my DW journal, kk?  I only haz access to DW where I am right now *koffisworkingveryhardkoff*
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Apparently, AU Bunnies are nibbling on me something fierce.

It really should have ended right there.

Honestly, his buddy Josef already gave him a lot of flak for what he originally did.

“What are you trying to go for here, buddy? Do the whole brooding, heroic, superhero vampire thing? Wait for the little girl to grow up, fall hopelessly in love with her, spend the next few decades moping about like an idiot?”

“Jesus, Josef, no, no and again, no,” Steve had shuddered, feeling sick and outraged at the very idea. “That’s just fucking creepy, man.”

“Oh good,” Josef had said drily. “I’m not too fond of pedophiles either. They’re pretty high on my shit list. Sent a few of them to the La Brea Tar Pits in my time and you know how I am about wasting perfectly good blood.”

“I hear you,” Steve nodded, taking a sip of the A positive Josef was kind enough to offer him. For once, the older vampire didn’t push one of his live Donors on him. It wasn’t as if Steve hadn’t taken him up on the offer before and for all his young age, as Josef kept reminding him, possessed enough finesse to make sure the experience was both enjoyable for him and the young woman who was all too willing to offer a vein.

Yeah.  That's the next segment in my Moonlight/H50 fusion.  Apparently, my Josef Kostan Muse is a mouthy, opinionated sonuvagun.  I'm terrified of what will happen when he meets Danny.  HELP!

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So I hear that there's this spoiler-rrific thing that's going to happen for Hawaii Five-0 Season 2.

Seriously, folks, I think the Producers are bound and determined to drive us slash fans crazy.  That or have us explode into puddles of squee. 

Because, honestly, this spoiler?  This is fan fiction they're giving us, folks.  REALLY. 

I know that there was a wonderful piece of fan fic about this but can we have more?  Please?  Pretty Please?  Preferably w/ nekkid Danny and Steve? 

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See, RL has been a complete and utter nightmare these days, though I am unable to go into more detail.   So I'm trying to cope with the depression by writing.  

The Muses seem to be helping me save my sanity at the moment. 

Of course, trying to do a Hawaii Five-0/Moonlight/Mina and the Count fusion may suggest otherwise. 

So far, this is what I got:

Being a vampire sucked.

Okay, it was a terrible pun and the Vampire knew he probably deserved to be staked for it, because Bad Puns are the Eighth Capital Sin.   Truth be told, there were some perks to his situation.  There was the fact that he was going to be eternally young, had enhanced senses and was, of course, superhumanly strong and fast.   The sun didn’t really faze him – he just tended to get terribly bad migraines if he was stupid enough to be out during the times when the sun was at its height, so he learned to stay in the shade and wear really good sunglasses.  Also, he learned that he was better off swimming in the early mornings and late afternoons to early evenings. 

 If someone tossed holy water on him, he’d just get wet.  Crucifixes were okay, if one was into that kind of thing either for religious reasons or just as a fashion accessory.  And yes, garlic was tasty on pizza and the Vampire had enough sense to go for mouthwash if he didn’t want to repel his dates. 

So what do you think, gang?  Run with it?  This is beginning to look like the start of a series to me.....

Oh. Dear.

Aug. 31st, 2011 12:02 am
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So basically, THIS means I'm going to have to write something based on Grace Williams and her Best Friend the Non-Sparkly Vampire SEAL who falls in love with her Dad, am I rite? 

*dies of LULZ*

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Wait.  WHAT?! WHAT?! 

Damn it.  I'm going to have to watch Three Rivers now, right? 

*dies of LULZ*

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Y'know, I don't really make a habit of reading RPF, much less the slashy side or RPS and I pretty much thought it would be limited to the A-Team guys. I have had serious gigglefits over the shenanigans in the A-Team Kink comm on LJ. More LOLZ is always a good thing for me.

And then I get this:


Forgot where I found this image but I had been squirreling away these things and didn't have the chance to look my files over until today.

Anyhoo.  Okay, do NOT want to get all giggly over yet ANOTHER RPS pairing.  Because.  come on, guys, stop screwing around with us, huh?  Have mercy, okay?  Isn't it enough that you act SO MARRIED on the show, you have to bring it up in Real Life too? 

Sigh.  Yeah.  I see that Handbasket over there.  Hopping into it now.  Anyone else joining me? 

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I've figured out how Baby SEAL is going to join the team. 

Also, apparently somebody from NCIS is guest-starring as a Muse.

I'm SO doomed.
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Okay, I'll admit it. I have a sekrit kink for Smart! Competent! Steve McGarrett. Even if he looks adorkable in this pic.


Someone on my F-list or somebody else's f-list figured out the fruit salad on Steve's dress uniform, which apparently includes a Silver Star.  So, come on, LJ & DW - anybody know some fics out there with Smart and Competent Steve?  Because, let's face it, he wouldn't have gotten to where he's at if he didn't have brains in that pretty head.  And hey, I'm sure that Danny's tastes don't run to tall,dark, pretty and dumb, ok? 

I'm shamelessly begging right now because I need something to make me smile as my blood pressure has been shot to hell.  Again.  Sigh. :( 

Oh GOD - I just realized - the song Beautiful Disaster - is Steve to a T.  *smacks self upside the head*  *knows there is FIC coming from this* 

Why, Self?  Why? 

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While looking for new Steve & Danny worksafe wallpaper, I stumbled across the excellent recaps done by [personal profile] lamardeuse and found this pic of Danny:


Which in turn, reminded me of:


Um.  Yeah.   No, this piece of cracktasticness isn't going to make it into a fic at all, of course not....

Just sayin'....

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I missed out on summer here and it occurs to me that I actually live in a country where I can have access to THIS:


Yes.  I can go to a place that looks like this.   There are a few beaches that are just a couple of hours' drive from Manila that look like THIS and I can get to them.  Even if I have to take a freakin' bus to do it.  Maybe I ought to drag my Mommy Duck here for her birthday.

It occurs to me that this picture is missing shirtless Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (or Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams).  Damn.  This is when I'm reminded I live in the Philippines and not Hawai'i.  The lack of AOL and Scotty is terrible.  Terrible, I tell you.

Yes, this is a shameless bid to my f-list to give me linkage to AOL and Scotty pics.  Warn me if they're work-safe and please respond to the DW journal kthnx loveyouforever and inspire me to keep writing and end Sunlight.

Woe is me.   


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