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I do NOT want to watch the last episode of Sherlock Season 2 just yet because I will SCREAM over the cliffhanger and CRY buckets at the ending.  

Yes, John, of course your Sherlock's an insufferable prat and if you want to go to Hawaii to visit the H50 ohana, you know you got an open invite.  I know you and Steve were Besties in the Classified Way Back When.

Besties, right? 





I have to write this story, right guys? 

No Love,



This grew out of a chat with my BFF Katz, who pointed out that I was neglecting my H50 Muses....  'Cos I said, that Steve and John were Besties (oh gawd, I hope they were just BESTIES) and realized, SOMEBODY of the Tall, Pale and Insufferably Snarky Persuasion was gonna get all hissy-fitted up about it!

"Well, it isn't me," Danny huffs.  "Any idiot can tell that Super-SEAL here and Doctor Who are BFFs from the Classified Way Back When.  And I like him."

"Danny," Steve said with an evil grin.  "I ever told you John's got sniper-class shooting skills? When I said he saved my ass back in the 'Stan, it wasn't because of his doctoring skills."

Danny facepalms.  "Oh God. Here we go..."

John is still reeling from the new nickname.  "Doctor...Who?"

Danny blushes.  "Yeah.  I got hooked into it.  My daughter loves that show."

"Man and here I was hoping we'd get a threesome," Kono said with an entirely too wicked-glint in her eyes.

Chin splutters. " 'Cuz!"

"Aw, come on, 'cuz, a girl can dream, can't she?"

John deadpans, "It'd serve that sodding git right, not that he'd see through us all in 30 seconds...."

**************** I'm so doomed, aren't I? **************************

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See, RL has been a complete and utter nightmare these days, though I am unable to go into more detail.   So I'm trying to cope with the depression by writing.  

The Muses seem to be helping me save my sanity at the moment. 

Of course, trying to do a Hawaii Five-0/Moonlight/Mina and the Count fusion may suggest otherwise. 

So far, this is what I got:

Being a vampire sucked.

Okay, it was a terrible pun and the Vampire knew he probably deserved to be staked for it, because Bad Puns are the Eighth Capital Sin.   Truth be told, there were some perks to his situation.  There was the fact that he was going to be eternally young, had enhanced senses and was, of course, superhumanly strong and fast.   The sun didn’t really faze him – he just tended to get terribly bad migraines if he was stupid enough to be out during the times when the sun was at its height, so he learned to stay in the shade and wear really good sunglasses.  Also, he learned that he was better off swimming in the early mornings and late afternoons to early evenings. 

 If someone tossed holy water on him, he’d just get wet.  Crucifixes were okay, if one was into that kind of thing either for religious reasons or just as a fashion accessory.  And yes, garlic was tasty on pizza and the Vampire had enough sense to go for mouthwash if he didn’t want to repel his dates. 

So what do you think, gang?  Run with it?  This is beginning to look like the start of a series to me.....

Oh. Dear.

Aug. 31st, 2011 12:02 am
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So basically, THIS means I'm going to have to write something based on Grace Williams and her Best Friend the Non-Sparkly Vampire SEAL who falls in love with her Dad, am I rite? 

*dies of LULZ*

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Dear Danny & Steve Muse:

NO. You guys can't have a dog. Even if he WILL actually end up being the K-9 component of Five-0...

photo from foreignpolicy.com / caption by me from the LOLcats generator


You know, this guy would make a GREAT babysitter for Gracie and Baby SEAL and you just know he's going to be like that dog from the Classic Loony Tunes segment and adopt a kitty of his own and be all protective of his pack, because he's just like his packleaders (ESPECIALLY Steve) in that sense and....

Damn it.  You guys got me. 

It'll be in a fic soon. 

Hopelessly bunnied,


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Y'know, I don't really make a habit of reading RPF, much less the slashy side or RPS and I pretty much thought it would be limited to the A-Team guys. I have had serious gigglefits over the shenanigans in the A-Team Kink comm on LJ. More LOLZ is always a good thing for me.

And then I get this:


Forgot where I found this image but I had been squirreling away these things and didn't have the chance to look my files over until today.

Anyhoo.  Okay, do NOT want to get all giggly over yet ANOTHER RPS pairing.  Because.  come on, guys, stop screwing around with us, huh?  Have mercy, okay?  Isn't it enough that you act SO MARRIED on the show, you have to bring it up in Real Life too? 

Sigh.  Yeah.  I see that Handbasket over there.  Hopping into it now.  Anyone else joining me? 

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I've figured out how Baby SEAL is going to join the team. 

Also, apparently somebody from NCIS is guest-starring as a Muse.

I'm SO doomed.


Aug. 10th, 2011 12:05 am
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Okay.  So I just hit the 20,000 word mark for Sunlight.  

Still not done yet.


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Memo to Self:

Be careful of your Danny Muse. He LOVES to talk and he'll easily run off with the story you're writing before you have time to say "pineapple."

Snipping from Sunlight )

Still in the middle of writing the next part of SunlightSudden Plot Twist caught me by surprise.  GAH. 

Although, I have to agree, Danny does deserve the title of "Badass Adorable." 

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Dear Steve and Danny Muse:

Why do I have the very strong feeling that the first words out of Baby SEAL's mouth are going to be:

"Book 'em, Danno?"

Also, it is NOT fair bunnying me when I'm not yet done with Sunlight.  I don't care how ADORKABLE Steve looks with Baby SEAL in tow! 

Also, you two geniuses have yet to provide me with a name for Baby SEAL! 

Sorry, Gracie Muse, I can't name your future step-baby-brother "Sam Winchester" even if you DO have a crush on him.

So Doomed,


(On that note, hey, LJ  & DW land, any ideas for  boy names?  Anything that might fit with James or Steven as a second name will help!) 

P.S.  Please direct any and all comments to DW as I haz access to it right now and no access to LJ. :)  Thanks!

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So I've been asked about one of my icons and it is about 10,000 kinds of adorable.

These are Steve and Danny dolls and they came from a pic Peter Lenkov tweeted. I have no clue who made them, but whoever they are, it is GENIUS and adorable and I WANT A PAIR OF THESE DOLLS TOOOOOO..... *makes pitiful kitty eyes*

See the picture underneath the LJ cut! )
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Dear Steve and Danny Muse:

I know we have a mutual agreement that I will not bring up MPREG in the fan fics.  Lord knows that Harry and Snape spawning were bad enough. 

(Okay, we love the Potter-Snape brood - Snapercup preggers is just TERRIFYING.  And so's Harry.)

So.... okay.... AFTER I am done with the madness that is the Epic Crossover, I am presented with this.

Baby SEAL.

No. Seriously.

Baby SEAL?!!!!!

Stitch is introduced to an adorable little person whose paternity is definitely not questionable, considering the dark hair, facial features, hazel eyes and sweet smile. 

Oh God.  Baby SEAL. 


So Doomed,


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Found these lovely pics via alexoloughlinrocks.com but since I don't want to gank on someone's bandwidth, I decided to put these in my photobucket album.

My mother and I have a long-standing argument about the 2010 version of McGarrett & Danno versus the 1968 version. Mommy Duck is of the opinion that the 1968 guys have better dress sense (even if a suit and tie isn't exactly practical in the Hawaiian heat). Obviously, I like the 2010 boys and think that 2010 McGarrett looks hot no matter what he's wearing. LOL.

Of course, upon seeing these pictures...I think Mommy Duck's going to approve.

*coughcough* I know my Danny Muse approves..... (cackles again) 

Damn, Steve looks good.... )

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Still working on the next part of Sunlight (bwahahahahaha, yeah, I KNOW about how ironic that title is after Moonlight, Twilight....).  

I just realized this.  If you're doing a Massive Epic Crack Crossover of Doom between Hawaii Five-0 and Lord of the Rings (not to mention the umpteen gazillion others who snuck in), inevitably, the discussion will turn to hobbits. 

And also, one's Steve Muse will need to make hobbit jokes around his...um.... "vertically-challenged" partner.  


My Steve Muse likes living dangerously.

*more cackling*

(Amazingly, I haz dreamwidth access here where I am right now.  Any comments you guys may have - please direct it to the dreamwidth post. Yes, I'm still [personal profile] darth_stitch over here! :) 

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So I realized that I posted this at AO3 but like the spazzy doofus that I am, forgot to post in on LJ and the Fic Comms here.  So here is the latest finished fic I got, which is the last calm period we're gonna get before I start posting the New Insane Hawaii Five-0 Crossover Fic from hell.

The Scrapbook )
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See, I knew going into this fandom that I was going to bring in Uncle Morrie and Club Denial eventually.  And make the obligatory Moonlight reference, because damn it, Alex O'Loughlin looks too fucking good as Mick St. John, even though the show badly needed to shed its Forever Knight references and it was just too damn bad it got canceled when it finally found its footing. 

(So, for the benefit of the watching audience and for whoever's used to my madness, you guys know that "Uncle Morrie" is the Original Dark Lord of the Lord of the Rings Universe - Sauron's former boss - retired Evil BAMF.  [livejournal.com profile] murasaki99 was kind enough to lend him over when she wrote the fabulous fic "Blue Notes."  Club Denial pretty much has EVERY DAMN FANDOM OF MINE in it so you can imagine the chaos that ensues when you bring together Rangers, a Navy SEAL, a long-suffering Jersey detective, hobbits, Dark Lords of the Sith, vampires, Shinigami and a Meiji-era swordsman, right?)

So here I am staring at yet another CROSSOVER BUNNY  FROM HELL and my Muses, irritating bastards that they are, have sprung this New Thing on me. 

I mean, really, Steve is the REINCARNATION of WHICH character from the Lord of the Rings?!  THE FUCK?!!  SRSLY?!!!  

And my Potential Villain is THIS PERSON from the Silmarillion?!!!

Oh sweet Ceiling Cat help us.

The Fic Draft...OMGWTF )

So what do you think, LJ? Should I just keep on going with the crazy?
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Dear Face and Steve Muse:

I figured that you two, once acquainted, would get off to Unholy Shenanigans, considering you are both tall, ridiculously good-looking and shamelessly charming.  Well, I know Face has the smooth and charming bit down pat while Steve brings Adorkableness to Whole New Levels of "OMG-WHAT-I-CAN'T-EVEN" flailing. 



Oh no, you do not get to tell me it was "a couple of times" and it was "something casual." I mean, really, WHAT. THE. F2#$?!!!!

And what do you mean, "I called it on Steve falling for a Jersey boy!!!" Face?!!

(Yeah, there is fic for this.  It's coming.  And it's all [livejournal.com profile] sparrowsverse 's fault)

(Also, Danny is going to kill me....I have to update my will now...)

Thoroughly Screwed,



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