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Found these lovely pics via alexoloughlinrocks.com but since I don't want to gank on someone's bandwidth, I decided to put these in my photobucket album.

My mother and I have a long-standing argument about the 2010 version of McGarrett & Danno versus the 1968 version. Mommy Duck is of the opinion that the 1968 guys have better dress sense (even if a suit and tie isn't exactly practical in the Hawaiian heat). Obviously, I like the 2010 boys and think that 2010 McGarrett looks hot no matter what he's wearing. LOL.

Of course, upon seeing these pictures...I think Mommy Duck's going to approve.

*coughcough* I know my Danny Muse approves..... (cackles again) 

Damn, Steve looks good.... )

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Still working on the next part of Sunlight (bwahahahahaha, yeah, I KNOW about how ironic that title is after Moonlight, Twilight....).  

I just realized this.  If you're doing a Massive Epic Crack Crossover of Doom between Hawaii Five-0 and Lord of the Rings (not to mention the umpteen gazillion others who snuck in), inevitably, the discussion will turn to hobbits. 

And also, one's Steve Muse will need to make hobbit jokes around his...um.... "vertically-challenged" partner.  


My Steve Muse likes living dangerously.

*more cackling*

(Amazingly, I haz dreamwidth access here where I am right now.  Any comments you guys may have - please direct it to the dreamwidth post. Yes, I'm still [personal profile] darth_stitch over here! :) 


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