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Someone just asked me how I manage to stay so happy all the time.

Trying to avoid stroking out before I'm even forty.... )I have to remind myself of that today, even when I feel like my heart's breaking.  Depression isn't going to do me any good.  And life is too good and too precious to waste on despair. 

There's always something better around the corner.  I believe that.  I really do. 
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All right, if there are any call center agents on my friends list, fellow Filipinos or if you have fellow Filipinos on your f-list, please link this post to them.  They may be the next victims of this con artist. 


He applies for call centers and attends the initial training.  He will then gain the trust of his fellow officemates.  In our case, he even claimed he was a former seminarian.  After this, he will find some way to get money out of them.  In a previous blog that I found, this was selling iPods and cellphones and was able to probably score at least over P5,000.  For us, he was able to hit up one of us for money.  Luckily for our officemate, we were all out of cash so the most "Father John" got from him was P500. 

In his latest scam, he tried to sell a car to one of our officemates.  However, he could not quite recall the license plate of said car (a CRV).  Our officemate did prepare a check but was, wisely, waiting for John to show him the car so he could check it out before forking over any money.  Fortunately, John never got the check. 

This recent photo was taken at Top Grill along Jupiter Street, Makati.  This was John's only successful scam.  Claiming that it was his birthday, he invited our Training Batch to attend his videoke party.  When it came time to pay the bill (P4,200), he then claimed that he did not have enough money and asked one of the guys to accompany him to Makati Palace Hotel where his Dad was waiting.  He left this guy at the hotel's coffee shop while he went up to his father's room. 

He never came back. 

So our poor officemate was left to cool his heels AND pay the bill for the coffee John also had at the coffee shop while the folks who remained behind at the bar ended up paying for John's birthday bash.  WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE. 

He's now gone but for the love of GOD, pass this around to your friends.  Don't let this fucktard get away with this again. 

The only good thing was that we only got stiffed with a restaurant bill - he's done a lot worse to a lot of other good people. 


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