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Apparently, I am a glutton for punishment or my Muses have my number and aren't afraid to drunk-dial it.

If y'all are interested, The First Part Was Here.

Oh GOD, here we go again... )
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Dear Danny & Steve Muse:

NO. You guys can't have a dog. Even if he WILL actually end up being the K-9 component of Five-0...

photo from foreignpolicy.com / caption by me from the LOLcats generator


You know, this guy would make a GREAT babysitter for Gracie and Baby SEAL and you just know he's going to be like that dog from the Classic Loony Tunes segment and adopt a kitty of his own and be all protective of his pack, because he's just like his packleaders (ESPECIALLY Steve) in that sense and....

Damn it.  You guys got me. 

It'll be in a fic soon. 

Hopelessly bunnied,


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Okay, I'll admit it. I have a sekrit kink for Smart! Competent! Steve McGarrett. Even if he looks adorkable in this pic.


Someone on my F-list or somebody else's f-list figured out the fruit salad on Steve's dress uniform, which apparently includes a Silver Star.  So, come on, LJ & DW - anybody know some fics out there with Smart and Competent Steve?  Because, let's face it, he wouldn't have gotten to where he's at if he didn't have brains in that pretty head.  And hey, I'm sure that Danny's tastes don't run to tall,dark, pretty and dumb, ok? 

I'm shamelessly begging right now because I need something to make me smile as my blood pressure has been shot to hell.  Again.  Sigh. :( 

Oh GOD - I just realized - the song Beautiful Disaster - is Steve to a T.  *smacks self upside the head*  *knows there is FIC coming from this* 

Why, Self?  Why? 

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Still writing the next part of Sunlight, but this kinda snuck up on me so I'm letting it bounce around for a bit:

The Baby SEAL Fic Bunny )

So far, that's what I've got.  I know I'm screwed, okay?  But I have to finish the other fic first and I have to explain how the hell Baby SEAL got here since none of my boys got pregnant and I have no intention of working MPREG into this universe.

Oy vei.

How is this my life? 

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Dear Steve and Danny Muse:

Why do I have the very strong feeling that the first words out of Baby SEAL's mouth are going to be:

"Book 'em, Danno?"

Also, it is NOT fair bunnying me when I'm not yet done with Sunlight.  I don't care how ADORKABLE Steve looks with Baby SEAL in tow! 

Also, you two geniuses have yet to provide me with a name for Baby SEAL! 

Sorry, Gracie Muse, I can't name your future step-baby-brother "Sam Winchester" even if you DO have a crush on him.

So Doomed,


(On that note, hey, LJ  & DW land, any ideas for  boy names?  Anything that might fit with James or Steven as a second name will help!) 

P.S.  Please direct any and all comments to DW as I haz access to it right now and no access to LJ. :)  Thanks!

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The Merry Madness Continues! )
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So I've been asked about one of my icons and it is about 10,000 kinds of adorable.

These are Steve and Danny dolls and they came from a pic Peter Lenkov tweeted. I have no clue who made them, but whoever they are, it is GENIUS and adorable and I WANT A PAIR OF THESE DOLLS TOOOOOO..... *makes pitiful kitty eyes*

See the picture underneath the LJ cut! )


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