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I've been doing this since last week.... how could I resist now?

Jose Garcia Villa figured it out - a poem is a song and if you listen carefully, you can hear the music threading through every line. 

I blame Her Highness, Queen Habibi, for this - my friend was delighted with the Villa poem I posted on her Facebook wall and she found this Villa poem for me in return:

Girl singing. Day. And on her way
She has to pass by the oldest mountain.
That at least is certain. Rain. That
Doth leave no stain. And again whose
Flowers move jealously. O pity me.
if her eyes move and destroy all
Firmament. How brightly devised is
That moment. Much and muchly praised.
O day imperishably dazed. O woman
God-grazed. Succour God alone, O
Teach him Joy. O girl singing. O
For whom alone God bows out. O lovely
Throat. O world's end. O brightly
Devised crystal moment.

- Jose Garcia Villa

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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] larochka173 - it is FATE.

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Ganked from [personal profile] karitawyr . Hee.

The rules:
1. Post a list of 20 fandoms.
2. Have your friends list guess your fave character from each fandom
3. When guessed, bold the fandom, put in brackets who got it and sentence why you like the character/person.

There are times when I have two fave characters in a fandom and I love 'em equally although this isn't a standard rule, so I'll give you guys bonus points if you can guess BOTH characters. Hee!

ETA:  I'm gonna up the ante a bit.  If you guys can guess which fandoms where I've got TWO favorite characters, I will write y'all a drabble on those two people.  Hee.  *rubs paws gleefully* 

ETA2:  Hey, good guesses, people!  I'll give y'all a chance and now indicate which fandom where I've got at least ANOTHER favorite character and if you guess right, the drabbles will appear in my next LJ entry.  Hee!  Keep on guessing!

And btw, [personal profile] yllyana  and [profile] larochka173 are the first winners of a drabble from my fuzzy alien self!  YAY!  [personal profile] yllyana scores for correctly guessing that the Potterverse is one of the fandoms where I have two fave characters who are, of course, The Half Blood Prince and our favorite Dark Bunneh Lord.    And [profile] larochka173 for guessing that I ADORE BOTH Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing.  1x2 slash, ahoy! XP 

ETA3:  I've changed one of the fandoms to Smallville instead, realizing that it's something I love more than Castlevania.  Heh.


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