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Dear F-List:

Could somebody please point me in the direction of the really GOOD Kuroshitsuji fan fiction?  Please just keep in mind the following:

a. NO FRIGGIN' SHOTA-CON KTHANX.  I know the anime has the subtext for it up the wazoo but for CRYIN' OUT LOUD, please let me read something where Ciel is of LEGAL age before we get him to the yaoi goodness?  I'm gonna be seriously frightened of the fandom for this, I swear.  I keep stumbling onto this in ff.net and just when I thought I'm reading something that's actually worth my while, I get hit by shota smut.  GACK.  AGE CIEL UP, DAMNNIT!

b.  I'd love to see "aftermath" fics - you know which aftermath I mean.  Sebastian is a fascinating character... he scares the bejesus outta me but you just wanna know what in that head of his, especially after I got to see the Talbot camera episode. 

Thanks muchly!



In Other News....

I have been recently educated by my officemates about the existence of Jejemon.

Man, that's SCARY. 

I'd have loved to stay in blissful ignorance.  OMG.... the language.... the syntax... the butchery....

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I originally meant this to be gift fic for a meme I did a whiles back but I could never get around to finishing it.

I adore Rurouni Kenshin, so this is me dusting off an old fandom.  Anybody know a good fic comm I can cross post this on?  It's been a while and I'm rusty and I know I have an old fan fic that I have to dust off and work from the ground up as well...

Now, I am currently enjoying an impromptu vacation so now I'm posting a draft.  Feedback is appreciated! 

A little Ruroken fairy tale... )
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Okay, the Official Anime Geektastic Award for today probably goes to ME - because I just announced on PHILIPPINE NATIONAL RADIO (namely the FM station 99.5 RT) that my juiciest secret is my completely pathetic crush on Abel Nightroad *points to shiny icon* from Trinity Blood.

*wails* Well he IS CUTE! The glasses! The sugar addiction! And he kicks vampire ass! What is not to love?

The DJs were amused and the ladies got it when I said I wasn't the only one who crushes on anime characters - somebody I knew finally confessed her secret lurve for Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi and the DJ I was talking to admitted to his love of Sailor Moon.

HA. I'm spreading the Trinity Blood love around in the country so here's hoping Animax takes the hint and finally shows it so we can have more interest and a possible second season and please God, translations of the novels and manga.

And yes, I'm spreading the love to my officemates who are currently wondering what the heck I'm going to do with the ongoing romantic shenanigans between Abel Nightroad and his love interest Esther Blanchett. Not to mention I'm converting some to the love of the Snarry, because I blame 'em for the whole 20 Random Snarry Thingies I did a few entries back.

I love my officemates. They are actually egging me on to finish/start the other stories I've got online. *pulls up her list of WIPs*


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