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I am giddy, of course, over my brand-spanking shiny new fandom (yes, I know I'm late to the party, don't rub it in....)

So RECS? SHERLOCK BBC RECS PLZ?  Pretty pretty please with John's stripey sweaters and Sherlock's Jaguar Hiding in a Cello voice on top? 

Would love some good John/Sherlock fics, fic communities to watch (already found one) and join.... hit me with 'em!


Me Doofus

Oct. 21st, 2008 09:25 am
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If there was one thing good about me working in a call center, it's that the pay finally allowed me to buy an iPod of my own - a sweet little 8GB Nano.   Bought it last December - sheer bliss. 

Yes, don't snicker at the 8GB - I absolutely REFUSE to wear out my eyes trying to watch videos on that thing, even if it CAN run videos.  I just like my music and I like my music sorted out in playlists that match my mood and current fandom interest. 

Because I live in the Philippines, which is like the piracy capital of the world (remind me to write about piracy later in a Third World country where you've got no choice but to buy your stuff where it's AVAILABLE or suffer bankruptcy), there is NO iTunes Store.  Therefore, I have lived this past year and a half knowing that I'm not actually able to download legit album art. 

Because I'm a Doofus, I finally figured out only RECENTLY that I can customize my album art then through the magical powers of copy, paste or click n' drag.  Which means I am happily pillaging the graphics files I have collected all these years plus Google Image Search and anyways, since I am not posting ANYBODY's graphic art online or passing it off as my own or sharing the files (God forbid), I'm not flouting good Netiquette.  I'm just having fun making or tweaking the images for my own personal, private, non-profit enjoyment. 

Whee! It is fun!

And because  even after a year and a half, I'm still blissfully in love w/ my Precious Toy, here are some sample playlist titles (won't list the songs yet, because that will be INSANITY as my playlists tend to be HUGE):

a. Abel at Club Denial - yeh, Father Nightroad sings in my universe.  And he sings at Club Denial, okay?!
b.  When a Datsun Loves a Porsche - filled with Transformers tracks and stuff that makes me think of 'em, inspired by that LJ slash comm that I've been meaning to join.... yayness
c.  Clark & Lex - Smallville Clark Kent & Lex Luthor - the slash is just too good to resist. 

Eventually, I'll be putting an As You Wish playlist in here and some more stuff.  Wheee!


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