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"Could Lola Tasya Possibly be the Grand Duchess Anastasia?"

Found this article over at the Philippine Daily Inquirer online website. 

It makes for interesting reading.  This writer's recollections of her lost grandmother almost sound like a novel and my imagination is caught, providing, of course, that this isn't just the best con job of all time.  And we all know it's been tried before.

Still, there is something sweet and sad about "Lola Tasya" - her memories of her four sisters and younger brother, the little details she gave away growing up in what definitely points to an aristocratic and privileged upbringing.  And it's fantastic that it coincidentally resembles what we know of the life of Anastasia Romanov. 

We all know that the story of Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov and whether or not she survived the massacre of her family by the Bolsheviks is a topic that has been hotly debated for decades.  We have had one "conclusive DNA test" after another.  Still, the questions this article raises are interesting, whether or not "Lola Tasya" is the Grand Duchess.  

Who was Lola Tasya?  What happened to her Russian family? Answering that alone could be a book in itself. :)

Assuming, of course, that this is NOT actually Anastasia Romanov, I'm actually thinking that the most likely story is that Lola Tasya may well be a White Russian refugee.  For all we know she could be the long-lost daughter of some Russian noble family, if not actually a Romanov cousin.  Why not? 


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