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Finally, LJ is letting me post...

The Eggling and I have an ongoing bet.  I have five bucks riding on Obama; he's got the same on McCain.   My brother the Eggling believes there is no way in hell a racist America will let a black man get into the White House. Plus, fond as he is of conspiracy theories, he figures that "the Skulls" (read:  They In Power)  will never let one of their own lose the White House race. I was initially inclined to agree with him but I'm a more hopeful sort and I have been swayed by Obama's beautiful campaign and what he stands for.  

The Eggling is groaning over the polls because he thinks he's out five bucks but I'm more cautious.  It ain't over till the fat lady sings, folks!

Plus, now my nightmares are being plagued by a new phrase:   "The Mac is BACK!"  


Hold me!

There are times I wish I was an American citizen and could cast my vote.  My country doesn't have an Obama and it looks like we're out of choices.  Like I said in an earlier LJ post, perhaps the reason I like Obama so much is that I need to know something is going RIGHT somewhere...

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... are easily the most entertaining thing I've seen in ages.  I'm not American, therefore, I can't vote, (although I kinda liked Hillary in the beginning of the whole campaign thing) - however, let's face it, folks - the Man who sits in the Oval Office will affect my world, like it or not.   Hopefully, he'll be a catalyst for change and change for the better.  

All right, if I could vote, I'd vote for Obama.  I'd been leaning towards McCain at first and then I was totally turned off by the same old b.s. and the classic tactics of mudslinging and fear the unknown that has been Done To Death. I know a trapo when I spot one.   Hell, they've been ruining....uh, running my country for years!  Obama and his consistent line for genuine positive change won me over. 

You guys have absolutely no idea how hard I laughed over at the Sarah Palin $150,000 Wardrobe Gate story. We've got politicians over here who've been doing the same thing for AGES - Imelda Marcos and her gazillion shoes easily the most recognizable figure in the world for this. And then, there was the whole traditional mudslinging bit, highlight easily being the "Let's Be Afraid of the Freakin' Black Arab Muslim Guy who Associates (GASP!) With Terrorists."

Oh, the humanity!

Oh the horror.

We Pinoys have always thought of America as sort of The Promised Land - why do you suppose there's so many of us emigrating over there? We know America is not perfect and yet the dream of a better life, if not in this land, then in others, still beckons us.

Right now, I live in a country where my President granted clemency to a known killer, Claudio Teehankee Jr. This is a man who simply went and cold-bloodedly shot a young beautiful girl Maureen Hultman and her companion Roland John Chapman. They were not armed, they were not doing anything to him. Popular gossip has it that Teehankee had a serious jones for Maureen and he was pissed when she didn't return his dubious affections. He's supposed to be serving two life sentences for his crime. In style and comfort even in jail, people. 

But the President of the country I lived in, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, released him. The commentary that followed said that "well, she released Erap." Whatever we want to think about former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada and the charges laid at his door, none of them included the cold-blooded killing of two innocent people just out of the blue. This whole Teehankee debacle is just a massive WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Maybe that's the real reason I'm so entertained by the American Presidential Elections. I need a little more hope, even if that source of hope is in another country.


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