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There's been a lot of Srsly Whack RL things that has happened to me last week but that requires a little more careful thought and time than I have at the present. And I will write about those, because they're memories that are both good and bad and deserve to be recorded.

However, in the meantime.... I'd like a little escapism from the Occasional Craptasticness of my Real Life and write about this for the moment...

I think like most of the*koff* older fans out there, I first discovered Sherlock Holmes in my school library. You know how it works - you're sitting around, minding your own business and trying to figure out what good books you can read instead of Boring Homework and WHAM!

You stumble into 221B Baker Street, London, England.

As we all know, School Libraries are NOTORIOUS for leading one over to 221B Baker Street.

I have to admit that my then eleven year old self was very intimidated by the good Detective - being as that he pretty much figured out that I had a yen for chocolate chip cookies, had very strict parents, studied in a Catholic school (which was easy, given the uniform I was wearing), that I read very quickly and that I tried to hurry my homework over so that I'd have time to read more library books.

Naturally, his Doctor friend was a lot friendlier and he even invited me in for tea.

And also, the good Doctor was in fact, an incredible storyteller.

You guys know how it feels when you discover the world of Sherlock Holmes for the very first time, wandering about Victorian-era England, chasing after footpads and untangling the webs woven by the Napoleon of Crime, figuring out where a certain Blue Carbuncle got to, 'Rache' and tobacco ash and Lestrade doing his damnedest to keep up.

Now, it's been a while since I've visited 221B and to be honest, the very first exposure I had to Sherlock Holmes in the media was more on Saturday morning cartoons and the movie Young Sherlock Holmes which, coincidentally, had a certain future Harry Potter movie Director Chris Columbus as the screenwriter. I never really had the opportunity to see any of the classic Holmes movies and old TV series so the very first SH movie I actually saw was the Robert Downey and Jude Law film.

And now, there's Sherlock BBC.

And here's the main reason why I love Sherlock BBC so very, very much. As I've said, it's been a while since I've last visited 221B Baker Street. And Sherlock BBC made it possible for me to rediscover my love of Sherlock and Watson and all their shenanigans and see them in a fresh, new light.

I feel like I'm eleven again, reading through the books for the very first time.

So, 221B's a bit different these days, being as we now have laptops and smartphones and a few more modern appliances scattered in the flat. Sherlock is a lot snarkier than I remember him being. Also, he is ridiculously good-looking but any romantic ideas I might entertain about his person are very quickly dashed by the fact that he can be a git and he needs twhapping sometimes.

(Yeah, he quickly deduced that I immediately had a mad crush on him and told me not to bother, that I still loved books but now tended to cart around my laptop as well because I used that as an electronic library, that I was seldom without my iPod and that I still loved chocolate chip cookies - Jeez, Sherlock.)

And it's kind of hard to miss the serious flirting going on between him and Badass Adorable Dr. John "Three Continents" Watson.

Still - here are the things that have made me love Sherlock BBC and its Fandom, so very very much:

a. Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch

I mean, really, his TV Tropes page says it all...

Okay, so I would like to take this moment to give some concrete reasons as to why I really love Benny's Sherlock. As an awe-struck kid, I overlooked the character's very real human flaws. As a grown-up - I can spot them for what they are and still love the character anyway. Benedict's Sherlock is the ACD Character transplanted to the 21st century. The genius is still there, the eccentricities and cold, cutting, oftentimes brusque manner. And yes, he can be "as vain as a girl," prone to drama but the essential humanity is still very much there, though he tries very much to hide it. Benedict's got a knack for showing us the character as he's written on the page - so much so that I can quietly hear Watson narrating his own very astute observations on his friend's real nature as I watch him on the screen. It's awesome.

And yes, we know Benedict is pretty but damn if he doesn't look like Holmes the way I envisioned him to look - except now, he's got those pretty curls. :)

b. Martin Freeman

Oh Martin, TV Tropes was so very, very right on.

Okay, so I credit Jude Law for making me believe why John "Three Continents" Watson got tagged with such a moniker and gave us all Several Very Good Reasons why the good Doctor is not really the short, pudgy, klutzy eejit that he's been in past incarnations.

However, Martin Freeman forever has my love for giving us the best portrayal of the good Doctor. And again, just like Benedict, he's brought us the ACD character into vivid life and gave him more dimension and depth than what we've been allowed to see in from the original narratives of Arthur Conan Doyle. Watson as storyteller tends to give Sherlock the spotlight, so much so that we miss out on the fact that Watson was a total BAMF in his own right. Martin's Watson is Everyman with an Edge, the supposed ordinary "boring" guy who modestly claims that nothing terribly interesting ever happens to him.

But he's not really that ordinary. He's a damn good doctor and a crack shot with, as Sherlock so eloquently put it, "nerves of steel." Also, he's the first person who truly sees Sherlock - both for his virtues and faults - and wholly accepts him for who he is. And the Deadpan Snarkiness is just so very, very priceless here - he makes a good foil for Sherlock, giving us a glimpse of the detective's human side but at the same time, Watson isn't so very perfect either. And I absolutely love the way that he and Benedict give us entire narratives with so little as a gesture, a look, an inflection - it's just awesome.

c. The HoYay/Slash

Ceiling Cat love 'em, the slash and HoYay in this show.... it's just awesome and it works and it helps that the screenwriters are deliberately trolling us and probably so are the actors.

I'm gonna call it now - Season 3 is going to have John Watson slugging Sherlock in the jaw once he sees him back from the dead. And probably kiss him afterwards.

And since, of course, we still need Plausible Deniability, the boys are probably gonna have a conversation that goes something along these lines:

Watson: So... uh... Sherlock, about that snog...

Sherlock: *mumbles/verbalsmashes* It was a very good snog.

Watson: Sorry, what?

Sherlock: *brain finally catches up and comes online* We never speak of it again?

Watson: Yeah. Exactly. Uh. Yeah. It's fine. All fine.

For the love of God, don't let Mark Gatiss or Steven Moffat see this or we'll never see this happen!

d. John Watson is a BAMF

If the show chooses to admit that a certain Doctor had SAS training or was, in fact, a Double O, I will BELIEVE it. We know Sherlock is a BAMF, he's always been a BAMF no matter what incarnation he's in. But Watson? If there was ever a personification of Badass Adorable, John Watson is it.

Look, the man manages to shoot Evil Serial Killer from across another goddamn building and he does not. angst. about it. He's thrown himself, bombs and all, at a madman, fully intending to die and take the asshole with him. This is a man who's killed to protect, will pull that trigger again and will never back down from anyone or anything even James Fucking Moriarty. Awesome does not begin to cover this.

The fact that he wears adorable jumpers and is still a BAMF makes it awesome to infinity. On that note....

e. John Watson and his Adorable Jumpers

Squeeeeeeeeee. That is all.

f. Sherlock Holmes is a Sharp Dressed Man

D & G, YSL, That Coat, and That Scarf? Oh God, yes.

g. Mrs. Hudson is a BAMF

Terrorized by CIA goons and still managing to lie effectively through her teeth? Successfully hiding the McGuffin of the Episode in her bra? Adored by Sherlock and John and is still not their housekeeper? Mrs. Hudson is Made of Win.

h. The Fan Fiction

I mean, seriously, guys, there is a wealth, a fucking dragon's hoard of writing in here and a lot of it is made of Win and Awesome. And the Crack, my god - seriously - dragons and James Bond and all sorts of good stuff, aside from the Romance, the Drama, the Angst and the AU's. Thank you, Fandom, ILU so very, very much.

i. The Otter and the Hedgehog

OMG. Sherlock Otter Holmes and John Hedgehog Watson. The fan art alone..... it's just made of jam, kittens, fluffy sweaters, blue silk scarves and WIN.

j. "Fuck you, I won a BAFTA!" and "John 'Three Continents' Watson"

Yes, Martin, we love you too.

k. Amanda Abbington is the Queen of the Fandom

And what a Glorious Queen she is.

The Hedgehog thing can NEVER get out of hand

l. This Website - What Are You Wearing Benedict

Words.... words fail me.....  *dies of lulz*

m.  Rupert Graves

When has Lestrade ever been made of more win and adorable?    

All right - I could probably stand to add a few more but I'd like to hear what you guys have to say.  Share!  What things did you discover about Sherlock and this fandom that made you love it even more?  Squee and giggle and be as giddy as you want in here!  The Blanket Fort is open with tea, jam, biscuits and chocolate chip cookies! :) 

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