Jul. 12th, 2010

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I have GOT to stop doing this to myself....


Anyone in the Army, especially if one was a Ranger, would know who Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith was, Major Will Lennox knew.  One of the youngest men in the service to ever make Colonel, Hannibal was a legend with a service record that had to be one of the most colorful Will had ever seen.  More than half of it was purely unbelievable except that it was already on the record as actual fact and as for the rest... well, Will figured he was the one who worked with Giant Freakin' Robots on a regular basis, so he could deal. 

And that whole thing with the stolen treasury plates was a fucking mess - a total UMMFU that made any soldier worth his salt smile quietly to themselves and toast to the continued safety and freedom of the rogue commando team... at least as long as the brass weren't looking.  Given what Will had heard of the A-Team and what they'd been doing in the time they've been on the run, he'd been one of those soldiers too. 

With all that, he really should have known that a man who was, as one general had sourly put it, "the second coming of Alexander the Great," had a touch of the crazy in him. 

Worse, a Certain Somebody was in complete agreement with the craziness. 

"But that's insane, Optimus!" Will exclaimed, as Hannibal laid things out for them.  

"Frankly, Major, the logic of his plan is flawless. Unconventional but flawless," the leader of Autobots pointed out. That deep resonant voice was mild but there was a gleam in those big blue optics that members of Hannibal's A-Team were all too familiar with.

For lack of a better word, Face...er.... facepalmed. Dear God, they had enough to deal with when they had just ONE Leader on the Jazz - now they had to deal with TWO OF THEM? And the other one being a Giant Freakin' Robot from outer space?

And on the other side of the table, human steel-blue eyes twinkled. Hannibal smiled. "It gets better."

(end snippet)

Aw, hell.... I'm gonna HAVE to write this, aren't I? 

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Oh NOW we have THIS Bunneh wanting to play... )


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