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I know I loved the book but seeing it on the big screen..... er.... omg.... cheese..... so much cheese..... LOL.

So I got lucky and was given a ticket to see Eclipse - the latest Twilight installment.  And you know you've got your monster werewolves (which are THE most adorable werewolves I have ever seen on screen - nice doggy....).  And we get this scene where Jacob gets his widdle doggy heart broken and Bella runs after him. 

Bella:  Jacob!!!!!! STAAAAAY!!!!

I could not help myself.  While the audience laughed, I actually said this out loud and got people around me laughing harder:  (I really couldn't help it.  I just couldn't.)

Me:  Sit! Heel!  Roll over!!   Good boooooy.......

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I was about to put out just a couple of sentences regarding the Twilight movie today. It would have read like this:

Stitch is supposed to review Twilight the Movie right now.

But Stitch's brain has turned into a puddle of goo.

Guh. *melts*

However, the Muses were quite determined not to be left in charge of Stitch's brain (darn you, Muses) especially as Harry Muse was quite determined that nothing and nobody would get in his way of getting some nookie from his Snarky Git.


I am so screwed, right? )


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