Sick again

Oct. 11th, 2010 09:17 pm
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Dear Body:

I'd really like it if you could tell my blood pressure to go down.  I'd also appreciate it if you could stop throwing up, stop being dizzy and generally stop being all spazzoid because I really love my job right now and I'd like to go back to work. 

Yes, this is me, sick and miserable.  Again. 

No love,

Me :(

ETA as of October 13, 2010:  According to the doctor, I am currently confined to bed rest because my blood pressure's gone to hell in a handbasket and she's giving me more meds.  AAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!!  I have work to do, damn it!  Plus a blood work-up, which means fasting and needles, which I hate hate hate. 

Three days.  I'm going to go nuts, I know it. 

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I'm sure that most of you have seen what's happened on CNN and other news places all over the world by now:

8 Dead in Philippine Hostage Crisis

I'm angry, pissed off, cringing with shame at the entire mess that this was.  I could point fingers, lay blame, maybe pick a few fights with the ignorant assholes who want to make this about race and laugh at my poor benighted country, smugly forgetting that they've got skeletons in their national closets worse than ours. 

Then again, I'll just be adding to the hate.  That's not going to help anybody.

Instead, this is a National Day of Mourning and I will mourn:

I will mourn our Philippine National Police - because I'm sure there are still a few good men and women there in uniform, who are trying to serve my countrymen in the best possible way they can.  But they have to deal with the fact that for the past month, our police were accused of outright murdering a carnapping ring suspect, torturing some poor snatcher and this latest poor crazed psychopath who decided to involve innocent people in his quest for self-destruction. 

I will mourn my countrymen who will be looked at with disdain by the rest of the world, who are, like me, cringing with shame that this happened right before our eyes and be faced with accusations of terrorism, ignorance, monumental stupidity. 

I will mourn for the families of those who were killed by that crazed fool.  They weren't doing anything but be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They're not different from any of us.  I could have been on that bus.  My mother could have been on that bus.  Any of us could have been that unlucky. 

I will mourn for Mendoza, even as I deplore and condemn what he did.  I'm sure he must have realized that doing this wasn't going to get him his job back or his benefits.  I strongly suspect that he might have even done this as an ultimate act of vengeance.   I hate what he did, that he had to involve innocent people in this crazed, desperate scheme but I will mourn not for himself personally, but for the family he's left behind, the people who are going to have to shoulder the price for his monstrous and dishonorable actions. 

Compassion's going to be far from a lot of people's thoughts right now.  I'm not going to do the same.  I'm tired of the hate.  I'm tired of the stupidity.  I'm tired of the greed and crassness that allows the soldiers and policemen of my country to go barely armed, barely equipped and be poorly trained. 

Enough is enough.
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I know I'm incredibly lucky to be living in a place that's got better elevation but a lot of Manila was submerged under the floods caused by Typhoon Ondoy this weekend.  I have a lot of friends worried sick right now over their loved ones.  One buddy posted on his Facebook that his little girl and other family members are now sheltering over at the second floor of their parish church as their house is completely submerged.  Another guy posted a video of a lady who had to get on the roof of her car before she could drown inside.  She was parked inside a building probably along Roxas Boulevard, because the site is familiar to me.  The folks in the building jumped in and got her out. 

I'm going to see what I can do to help all those I can. 
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All right, if there are any call center agents on my friends list, fellow Filipinos or if you have fellow Filipinos on your f-list, please link this post to them.  They may be the next victims of this con artist. 


He applies for call centers and attends the initial training.  He will then gain the trust of his fellow officemates.  In our case, he even claimed he was a former seminarian.  After this, he will find some way to get money out of them.  In a previous blog that I found, this was selling iPods and cellphones and was able to probably score at least over P5,000.  For us, he was able to hit up one of us for money.  Luckily for our officemate, we were all out of cash so the most "Father John" got from him was P500. 

In his latest scam, he tried to sell a car to one of our officemates.  However, he could not quite recall the license plate of said car (a CRV).  Our officemate did prepare a check but was, wisely, waiting for John to show him the car so he could check it out before forking over any money.  Fortunately, John never got the check. 

This recent photo was taken at Top Grill along Jupiter Street, Makati.  This was John's only successful scam.  Claiming that it was his birthday, he invited our Training Batch to attend his videoke party.  When it came time to pay the bill (P4,200), he then claimed that he did not have enough money and asked one of the guys to accompany him to Makati Palace Hotel where his Dad was waiting.  He left this guy at the hotel's coffee shop while he went up to his father's room. 

He never came back. 

So our poor officemate was left to cool his heels AND pay the bill for the coffee John also had at the coffee shop while the folks who remained behind at the bar ended up paying for John's birthday bash.  WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE. 

He's now gone but for the love of GOD, pass this around to your friends.  Don't let this fucktard get away with this again. 

The only good thing was that we only got stiffed with a restaurant bill - he's done a lot worse to a lot of other good people. 


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