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Kurosaki Ichigo stared in bemusement at the fuzzy blue alien currently lying dedz on the couch. 

Naturally, she had to pick the couch - it was the most comfy place to be dedz in. 

The orange-haired shinigami finally couldn't help himself.  "What the HELL are we supposed to do now?  She's supposed to write about the whole vacation in Vigan thing!"

"I would imagine that we would have to do that for her," Kuchiki Byakuya remarked calmly. 

"How can you be so cool at a time like this?!"

"I expected that it would happen."

"You EXPECTED it?!"  Ichigo glared at the other man. 

The Kuchiki clan leader shrugged.  "Harry warned me she tended to do this.  Weren't you paying attention?"

"I was busy chasing after the Hollows at the Crisologo Museum, you dumbass!  And fat lot of help you were - your freakin' zanpakutou was just sitting there laughing his ass off the entire time!"

"Senbonzakura felt that you and Zangetsu were more than equal to the task at hand."  Byakuya's lips twitched just a little bit and Ichigo just knew the bastard was trying not to laugh.  

"Who knew Vigan would be freakin' HAUNTED?!!! I swear to Kami, the place is worse than Karakura!"

"It's a very old town, with homes dating back to the Spanish era.  That's centuries' worth of ghosts." 

Payback.  Ichigo had to get payback on his Significant Other, never mind if he looked completely adorable when he was being smug.  A convenient memory surfaced.  Ichigo gave him an evil grin.  "Yeah, I'm cool with doing the Hollow-hunting back in Vigan.  Especially since you had sunburn."

Byakuya's eyes narrowed. 

Ichigo's grin now resembled his Hollow's.  "You looked sooooo cute with those red cheeks of yours.  And Stitch made you wear that straw hat too.  Wandering around all those nice shops..."

There was a soft sound, almost a growl.  Ichigo almost had him.  Just a little bit more.

Ichigo dropped the final bombshell.  "I have the pictures and I'm posting them up for the Shinigami Women's Association!"

Byakuya pounced. 

Stitch chose that moment to recover from her bout of The Dedz, took a look at the two very silly shinigami engaged in a .... er.... very energetic display of mutual affection on her living room floor and went back to being Dedz again. 

Bad mental images.  Very, very bad. 


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Honest to God, I can't believe how rare this pairing is. What gives, fellow fangirls? Where's the love for the Berry Boi and His Royal Snootiness?

So, I gave in to the two new Muses in my head and got going on this fic. Oh dear.

Title: Bleach Reloaded
Bleach AU. A tired, depressed Shinigami Captain is sent on a routine mission into the Living World. But when he runs into a certain orange-haired teenager, the mission becomes anything but ordinary. Eventual Byakuya/Ichigo slash.

Bleach Reloaded
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It was a Friday and Stitch was looking forward to a restful weekend. 

The agents she was currently monitoring were absolute angels, she had put on her favorite cat earrings for luck and for the first time, she was entitled to have a lunch break - what more could a fuzzy blue alien want?

She just didn't expect to be greeted by the arrival of two new Muses. 

Seriously, one does not expect to see Soul Society Shinigami wandering about one's place of work.  Especially captain-class Shinigami.  And she certainly didn't expect to see these two in particular squabbling

Yep - the kenseikan was unmistakable and as for the other guy, who could mistake that head of orange hair? 

Kuchiki Byakuya and Kurosaki Ichigo - Stitch couldn't believe her eyes.  She knew Ichigo and Rukia were the ones who were supposed to argue like a pair of five year olds.... but Byakuya indulging in the same thing?  Massive WTF moment there.  Shouldn't they be fighting with zanpakuto swinging and going into full-out bankai mode causing mass destruction?  Not that she wanted her call center to be reduced to rubble (she loved her job) but still....

She tapped Ichigo on the shoulder, figuring he'd be the approachable one.  She was rewarded with that familiar scowl. 

"Yeah?  Who're you?"

Byakuya shook his head in exasperation.  "She is our fuzzy blue hostess - Harry left us with a rather long list of instructions regarding her care." 

"You've got to be kidding me.  That's her?!!!"

Stitch growled.  "Boke.  I know you're bad with names but this is really... " And then she paused.  "What do you mean, Harry left instructions regarding my care?  What am I, some kind of freakin' pet?!!" 

"Apparently," Byakuya deadpanned.  Ichigo chortled.   And then, he slid an arm companionably over Byakuya's shoulders.  Even more amazing, the other man didn't shrug it off but leaned closer, actually accepting the unmistakeably affectionate gesture. 

Stitch stared.  "You?"

Ichigo grinned.  "Yep."

"And Kuchiki Byakuya?!!!" 

Byakuya sniffed.  "I was led to believe that you were, as Severus had so eloquently put it, 'remarkably quick on the uptake.'"

"Boke," Ichigo told him, tapping him gently on that elegant nose.  "You don't spring that on a person all at once.  Even Rukia spazzed out when we told her."  

Byakuya's eyes crossed, giving him a look that would redefine the word adorable.   And then, he brushed the finger away, blinking.  "Idiot."  The statement sounded more like an endearment than an insult. 

A fuzzy blue alien could only take so much.  Stitch keeled over. 

 - end -




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