Oh. Dear.

Aug. 31st, 2011 12:02 am
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So basically, THIS means I'm going to have to write something based on Grace Williams and her Best Friend the Non-Sparkly Vampire SEAL who falls in love with her Dad, am I rite? 

*dies of LULZ*

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Dear Steve and Danny Muse:

Why do I have the very strong feeling that the first words out of Baby SEAL's mouth are going to be:

"Book 'em, Danno?"

Also, it is NOT fair bunnying me when I'm not yet done with Sunlight.  I don't care how ADORKABLE Steve looks with Baby SEAL in tow! 

Also, you two geniuses have yet to provide me with a name for Baby SEAL! 

Sorry, Gracie Muse, I can't name your future step-baby-brother "Sam Winchester" even if you DO have a crush on him.

So Doomed,


(On that note, hey, LJ  & DW land, any ideas for  boy names?  Anything that might fit with James or Steven as a second name will help!) 

P.S.  Please direct any and all comments to DW as I haz access to it right now and no access to LJ. :)  Thanks!

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So I realized that I posted this at AO3 but like the spazzy doofus that I am, forgot to post in on LJ and the Fic Comms here.  So here is the latest finished fic I got, which is the last calm period we're gonna get before I start posting the New Insane Hawaii Five-0 Crossover Fic from hell.

The Scrapbook )


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