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Stitch Has a Grand Ol' Time at the Movies... )

The following exchange was going on in my head as I watched the movie.  Yeah.  I had The Boyz with me, stealing each other's popcorn and getting their drinks mixed up.  Oi vei..... (facepalms)  

Face Muse: 
(eyes go wide, bright and shiny when he sees the gun Hale Ceasar is toting)  Hannibal?  If I'm really, really good this year, will you get that for me for Christmas?

B.A. Muse:  Oh. Hell. No.  Faceman, do you know how that even sounds like to the rest of us?

Face Muse:  What?  That thing is so frickin' cool!!!!

Hannibal Muse:  (indulgent & amused)  We'll see, Templeton.... we'll see....

Face Muse:  (turns puppy eyes on him)  Please, please, please, pretty please?

Hannibal Muse:  (twitches)  Will you STOP with the whole eyes thing?!

Face Muse:  Is it working on you though?

Hannibal Muse:  (facepalms) ...

B.A. Muse:   Crazy fools!

Murdock Muse:  (sniffles)  I'm so proud.  They're finally admitting their feelings to each other!

Hannibal & Face:

B.A.  Muse:  You've been sweet on each other for YEARS!

Hannibal & Face: 

Murdock Muse:
  (is now showing signs that he's about to lose his temper)  And the fact that they can say things in chorus ALL THE TIME isn't a BIG FREAKIN' CLUE to what's the real score here, oh no....

B.A. Muse:
  And that whole gag in New Orleans...

Face Muse: 
Like I said, the kiss was just part of the act!

B.A.  Muse: 
(shrugs)  You're the one who brought up the kissing, not me.

Hannibal Muse: 
(is about to sneak off but is stopped by Murdock Muse)

Murdock Muse:  Nah-uh, Poppa Bear, you're not disappearing on us again, no sir!

Hannibal Muse:  (is blushing)  Hey, I was just going to get more popcorn!

Murdock Muse:
  (dryly)  The bathroom excuse was just too obvious, huh, Colonel?

Hannibal Muse: 
Don't make me pull rank on you, Captain.


There is a few moments of blessed silence.  Then:

Me & Face:  Jet Li is adorable. 

Face Muse:  Lookit him!  He's so cute!


Face Muse:  He also kicks ass but he's still cute. 

Murdock Muse:
  I thought you had more of a thing for silver foxes.  

Face Muse:
  Look - having a thing for silver foxes is entirely different.  Jet Li is just plain frickin' adorable.

Amen, brother.

Murdock Muse:  Okay, Hannibal - you got nothing to be jealous about...

Face Muse:

Me:  (sighs happily)  Oh, the slashy goodness...

Hannibal Muse:  Oh yeah, there's a lot of blood and gore and body parts flying all over the place.

  Hannibal?  I'm NOT talking about the movie.  

Hannibal Muse:
  So what do you mean by 'slashy goodness'?

B.A. Muse:  Colonel, she's talking about your current situation.  You're living in one right now.  

Hannibal Muse:

Murdock Muse: 
Don't worry, Bosco.  He'll figure it out eventually.  Unless I go psycho crazy batshit on them and just whap them up the heads with Clue by Fours.

B.A. Muse: 
Can I join you?

Hannibal & Face: 
(look at each other)  Should we be afraid of them now?

(sighs)  Just go back to watching the movie...


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Just saw the A-Team.  My one sentence review:


It just brings back fond memories like you wouldn't believe.   Liam Neeson as Hannibal is as smokin' hot as George Peppard as Hannibal.   Bradley Cooper is loads of fun as the new Faceman.  Sharlto Copley is as priceless a Murdock as the original fella (Dwight Schultz - ladies and germs!!!!).  And though he ain't Mr. T, Quinton Jackson ain't nobody's fool and he don't need no pity. 

Sigh.  Even as a kid I had a huge crush on the good Colonel.   Now that I've seen the movie, I realize where I really got my original penchant for silver hair, blue eyes, bad-ass confidence and goofyness and super-smarts. 

Now.... I really, really need to try to figure out this Plot Bunny that wants me to write Hannibal and Optimus Prime into a story.....

The 1980s RULE!!!!!! 
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So.  I've seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie. 

It helps that I've never really seen the classic Holmes movies, except for Young Sherlock Holmes, which totally ROCKS. 

I like this perspective.  It makes perfect sense that Holmes knows the Victorian equivalent of mixed martial arts and he and Watson regularly get into brawls and they kick serious ass.  Because, going back to the novels, they really do.  Aside from the mad deducting skillz that Holmes regularly displays. 
And Holmes and Watson are in love, I SWEAR... )


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This is hilarious.

Critics everywhere are bashing Transformers Revenge of the Fallen left and right and the audience is packing the theaters. Even the midnight screenings are full over in my country and there's no sign of it letting up.

Here's a testament to how popular and how good the audience word of mouth is for this movie. One - most of us want to see it again and are planning to go for it. Two - even those who've managed to nab the .... ahem.... not-exactly-legal version of this movie plan to see it on the big screen.

You've Got the Touch, you've got the power, YEAAAAAH!!!! )
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If you've read the Dan Brown books, then, the MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING will be moot for you because you pretty much know who the bad guy is and have a more or less good idea of what's supposed to happen in the movie. If you've never read the books, then okay, I say again: SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE.

Honestly? I went to see this movie because Ewan McGregor looks HOT in a cassock....

So, about three things I was absolutely sure about... )


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