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Apparently, AU Bunnies are nibbling on me something fierce.

It really should have ended right there.

Honestly, his buddy Josef already gave him a lot of flak for what he originally did.

“What are you trying to go for here, buddy? Do the whole brooding, heroic, superhero vampire thing? Wait for the little girl to grow up, fall hopelessly in love with her, spend the next few decades moping about like an idiot?”

“Jesus, Josef, no, no and again, no,” Steve had shuddered, feeling sick and outraged at the very idea. “That’s just fucking creepy, man.”

“Oh good,” Josef had said drily. “I’m not too fond of pedophiles either. They’re pretty high on my shit list. Sent a few of them to the La Brea Tar Pits in my time and you know how I am about wasting perfectly good blood.”

“I hear you,” Steve nodded, taking a sip of the A positive Josef was kind enough to offer him. For once, the older vampire didn’t push one of his live Donors on him. It wasn’t as if Steve hadn’t taken him up on the offer before and for all his young age, as Josef kept reminding him, possessed enough finesse to make sure the experience was both enjoyable for him and the young woman who was all too willing to offer a vein.

Yeah.  That's the next segment in my Moonlight/H50 fusion.  Apparently, my Josef Kostan Muse is a mouthy, opinionated sonuvagun.  I'm terrified of what will happen when he meets Danny.  HELP!

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See, I knew going into this fandom that I was going to bring in Uncle Morrie and Club Denial eventually.  And make the obligatory Moonlight reference, because damn it, Alex O'Loughlin looks too fucking good as Mick St. John, even though the show badly needed to shed its Forever Knight references and it was just too damn bad it got canceled when it finally found its footing. 

(So, for the benefit of the watching audience and for whoever's used to my madness, you guys know that "Uncle Morrie" is the Original Dark Lord of the Lord of the Rings Universe - Sauron's former boss - retired Evil BAMF.  [livejournal.com profile] murasaki99 was kind enough to lend him over when she wrote the fabulous fic "Blue Notes."  Club Denial pretty much has EVERY DAMN FANDOM OF MINE in it so you can imagine the chaos that ensues when you bring together Rangers, a Navy SEAL, a long-suffering Jersey detective, hobbits, Dark Lords of the Sith, vampires, Shinigami and a Meiji-era swordsman, right?)

So here I am staring at yet another CROSSOVER BUNNY  FROM HELL and my Muses, irritating bastards that they are, have sprung this New Thing on me. 

I mean, really, Steve is the REINCARNATION of WHICH character from the Lord of the Rings?!  THE FUCK?!!  SRSLY?!!!  

And my Potential Villain is THIS PERSON from the Silmarillion?!!!

Oh sweet Ceiling Cat help us.

The Fic Draft...OMGWTF )

So what do you think, LJ? Should I just keep on going with the crazy?
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Y'know.... being sick and having to take a lot of sick leaves and not getting paid ANYTHING this payout because I'm shit out of paid leaves... is actually firing up my creative juices. Although it's the Muses in my head who happen to have Fangs that are coming out to play. (facepalms)

Have something here from my latest Trinity Blood fan fic and it's a bit of a bother to wrestle with because it's the getting from point a to point b to point c that's driving me bananas. So I'm posting it here, very rough, not quite polished yet for some help from you guys. Essentially, Abel & Esther in my universe are muddling through the whole getting married bit, which was totally unexpected and Abel has angst and he has to pull his head out of his ass because oh YEAH he's not told Esther EVERYTHING yet (Read: Lilith a.k.a. The First Love Who Got Herself Killed Deaded by Fucked Up Crazy Twin Brother). Ow. There shall be comic lightness too but Abel is an eejit and will have his angst. DORK. (Facepalms)

I thought that Sting's If I Ever Lose My Faith would make an appropriate title.

The Snippet: If I Ever Lose My Faith In You )


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