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Dear Steve and Danny Muse:

I know we have a mutual agreement that I will not bring up MPREG in the fan fics.  Lord knows that Harry and Snape spawning were bad enough. 

(Okay, we love the Potter-Snape brood - Snapercup preggers is just TERRIFYING.  And so's Harry.)

So.... okay.... AFTER I am done with the madness that is the Epic Crossover, I am presented with this.

Baby SEAL.

No. Seriously.

Baby SEAL?!!!!!

Stitch is introduced to an adorable little person whose paternity is definitely not questionable, considering the dark hair, facial features, hazel eyes and sweet smile. 

Oh God.  Baby SEAL. 


So Doomed,


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Finally, LJ is letting me post...

The Eggling and I have an ongoing bet.  I have five bucks riding on Obama; he's got the same on McCain.   My brother the Eggling believes there is no way in hell a racist America will let a black man get into the White House. Plus, fond as he is of conspiracy theories, he figures that "the Skulls" (read:  They In Power)  will never let one of their own lose the White House race. I was initially inclined to agree with him but I'm a more hopeful sort and I have been swayed by Obama's beautiful campaign and what he stands for.  

The Eggling is groaning over the polls because he thinks he's out five bucks but I'm more cautious.  It ain't over till the fat lady sings, folks!

Plus, now my nightmares are being plagued by a new phrase:   "The Mac is BACK!"  


Hold me!

There are times I wish I was an American citizen and could cast my vote.  My country doesn't have an Obama and it looks like we're out of choices.  Like I said in an earlier LJ post, perhaps the reason I like Obama so much is that I need to know something is going RIGHT somewhere...


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