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So my Muses (four U.S. Army Rangers, a SEAL and one long-suffering Jersey cop) have decided to gang up on me.  I was counting on Danny and B.A. to be the voices of sanity in this bunch of cuckoos but I am S.O.L. 

So now, I have learned a few things about my A-Team Muses and the Steve McGarrett Muse.

1.  Steve is buddies w/ Face.  The two of them are giving me Patented Innocent Looks which smack of SHENANIGANS to the NTH degree...  (OMG THE HORROR... THE HORROR....)

2.  Apparently, our favorite Rangers and a certain SEAL once ended up on a joint op together.  Amazingly, they didn't manage to kill each other, given that there's always your friendly professional rivalry between various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Hannibal Muse:  What?  I like the kid.   Even if he's a Squid. 

B.A. Muse:  (snorts)  That's 'coz he crazy as the rest of you. 

Danny Muse:  (horrified)  You mean there's MORE of you crazy Army types?!

Steve Muse:  They're Army - I'm in the NAVY, Danno.  NAVY!

3.   Steve  Muse is smarter than we all give him credit for.   Especially when it comes to dealing with Danny Muse.  And the whole unrequited love thing.  Because, yeah, the Steve/Danny love is CANON, like I can't believe.... and my Steve Muse has his hands full with a completely oblivious Jersey detective. 

Face Muse:  (smirks)  Adorkableness works remarkably well for him.   Right, Smooth Dog?

Steve Muse:  Hey!  No giving away state secrets!

Danny Muse:  (completely oblivious) All right.  This is it.  I refuse, absolutely refuse, to let you run off with these crazy G.I. Joes and blow up Hawaii.  Ok?  I realize that things like proper police procedure may be like a whole new alien language to you in your action-movie life, but...

Steve Muse: (gives him his sweetest smile)  Danny, you always said that you're getting tired of being my only back-up.  They DO make good back-up, y'know.

Danny Muse:  Four crazy ex-Rangers are not back up!  Add one even crazier SEAL and we're talking disaster.  No, scratch that - we're talking epic catastrophe straight out of Michael Bay's wettest dreams! (flails)

Hannibal Muse:  (to Murdock)  Please tell me I wasn't that bad back in the day.

Murdock Muse:  You want the extended edition with the DVD extras kinda explanation, Colonel or just the theatrical version?

Hannibal Muse:  Fuck. 

Murdock Muse:  (cackles)  What he said. 

4.  I'm going to have to write this.  Aren't I?


Eff my life....
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Chibi Murdock Here! )
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This is me, coping with the fact that my blood pressure's gone to hell in a handbasket.  With ribbons.  I've been working on this thing for the past several weeks, with a lot of love and encouragement from [livejournal.com profile] sparrowsverse  in chat.  Ironically, I was enjoying my current job, despite the workload, a lot.  This is probably my body's way of telling me to slow down for a bit.  Sigh.

I still can't write pr0n to save my life? )
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Warning for Character Death )
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Face as a kitteh.... sort of ....  )
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Previous Chapter Here

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Dear A-Team Muses:

Apparently, asking Hannibal not to be an overprotective badass is like asking a duck not to quack.  Although who knew it would be ten different kinds of adorable? 

Also, asking Face Muse not to be a self-sacrificing suicidal idiot is also a hopeless endeavor and thus explains why he ends up with gives more gray hairs to a Certain No Longer Oblivious Colonel.

Which leaves B.A. and Murdock Muse doing overtime, because somebody's gotta look after their buddies. 

Thus, I wuv you, B.A. and Murdock Muse, for keeping my sanity on just the right side while I can see the end of the WTF EPIC PLOT BUNNY THAT ATE MY BRAIN in sight. 

Also, [livejournal.com profile] sparrowsverse ?  This ending will be dedicated to you. :P

Love from one Little Fuzzy Blue Exasperated Fan-Fic Writing Alien Critter,
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Uh.... Future Fic for the Sgt. Pepper Series? )
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Didn't realize I was doing this until it came out while I was chatting with one of my co-workers today.

Dude, don't let anyone know you've figured out my sekrit identity as Captain H.M. Murdock from the A-Team!

Whoops.   Cat's out of the bag.

(runs like hell)

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Previous Chapter Here

The WTF?!! EPIC?!!! Continues... )
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WTF EPIC?!!! )
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Stitch Has a Grand Ol' Time at the Movies... )

The following exchange was going on in my head as I watched the movie.  Yeah.  I had The Boyz with me, stealing each other's popcorn and getting their drinks mixed up.  Oi vei..... (facepalms)  

Face Muse: 
(eyes go wide, bright and shiny when he sees the gun Hale Ceasar is toting)  Hannibal?  If I'm really, really good this year, will you get that for me for Christmas?

B.A. Muse:  Oh. Hell. No.  Faceman, do you know how that even sounds like to the rest of us?

Face Muse:  What?  That thing is so frickin' cool!!!!

Hannibal Muse:  (indulgent & amused)  We'll see, Templeton.... we'll see....

Face Muse:  (turns puppy eyes on him)  Please, please, please, pretty please?

Hannibal Muse:  (twitches)  Will you STOP with the whole eyes thing?!

Face Muse:  Is it working on you though?

Hannibal Muse:  (facepalms) ...

B.A. Muse:   Crazy fools!

Murdock Muse:  (sniffles)  I'm so proud.  They're finally admitting their feelings to each other!

Hannibal & Face:

B.A.  Muse:  You've been sweet on each other for YEARS!

Hannibal & Face: 

Murdock Muse:
  (is now showing signs that he's about to lose his temper)  And the fact that they can say things in chorus ALL THE TIME isn't a BIG FREAKIN' CLUE to what's the real score here, oh no....

B.A. Muse:
  And that whole gag in New Orleans...

Face Muse: 
Like I said, the kiss was just part of the act!

B.A.  Muse: 
(shrugs)  You're the one who brought up the kissing, not me.

Hannibal Muse: 
(is about to sneak off but is stopped by Murdock Muse)

Murdock Muse:  Nah-uh, Poppa Bear, you're not disappearing on us again, no sir!

Hannibal Muse:  (is blushing)  Hey, I was just going to get more popcorn!

Murdock Muse:
  (dryly)  The bathroom excuse was just too obvious, huh, Colonel?

Hannibal Muse: 
Don't make me pull rank on you, Captain.


There is a few moments of blessed silence.  Then:

Me & Face:  Jet Li is adorable. 

Face Muse:  Lookit him!  He's so cute!


Face Muse:  He also kicks ass but he's still cute. 

Murdock Muse:
  I thought you had more of a thing for silver foxes.  

Face Muse:
  Look - having a thing for silver foxes is entirely different.  Jet Li is just plain frickin' adorable.

Amen, brother.

Murdock Muse:  Okay, Hannibal - you got nothing to be jealous about...

Face Muse:

Me:  (sighs happily)  Oh, the slashy goodness...

Hannibal Muse:  Oh yeah, there's a lot of blood and gore and body parts flying all over the place.

  Hannibal?  I'm NOT talking about the movie.  

Hannibal Muse:
  So what do you mean by 'slashy goodness'?

B.A. Muse:  Colonel, she's talking about your current situation.  You're living in one right now.  

Hannibal Muse:

Murdock Muse: 
Don't worry, Bosco.  He'll figure it out eventually.  Unless I go psycho crazy batshit on them and just whap them up the heads with Clue by Fours.

B.A. Muse: 
Can I join you?

Hannibal & Face: 
(look at each other)  Should we be afraid of them now?

(sighs)  Just go back to watching the movie...


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Saw an interview featuring Liam Neeson uh.... "Hannibal" and I noticed something Very Interesting.  

Dude has Pointed Ears. 

Just very slightly pointed ears - I think they're cute. 

Of course, this just makes the Lord of the Rings/A-Team crossover Bunneh bite all the harder!


On the other hand, I have the vaguest idea of how a Certain No-Longer-Oblivious Colonel and Long-Suffering Lieutenant are going to 'fess up to each other.  Has something to do with the damn You Are My Sunshine song, getting drunk and tickling.

DAMN YOUZ [livejournal.com profile] a_team_kink  - you're FEEDING THE FRIGGIN' BUNNIEZ and making them worse!
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Dear Face & Hannibal Muse: 

I mean, honestly, guys. 

You Are My Sunshine?!!!!!!

Umpteen million love songs out there and the one you two eejits pick out is You Are My Sunshine?!!!!

And it's a friggin' SEKRIT ENDEARMENT?!!!!  And has been all along?!!!


Your Exasperated Fan Fic Writer Who Is Now Hearing "You Are My Sunshine" Playing Over and Over in Her Head

(Yeah - I have the first part of the Uncle Morrie Fic down... I just have to figure out the rest - Oi vei....) 
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The one where Face ends up in a dress...  )
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...And Are Still Drunk-Dialing It

Stitch was busily typing away, writing the latest story in the Sgt. Pepper series.  The side story with Baby!Hannibal was a good gag, even if Hannibal Muse was still so completely horrified over the whole thing.  It was at that point that her attention was caught by a very cute, silver-haired baby crawling by. 

That wasn't Zachary Nightroad. 

Zachary was four and he could walk and he would be trailed by his very silly Crusnik Papa.

Had to be the other new baby in the house. 

Stitch: (hollers)   Face!  Baby!Hannibal's on the loose again!

Face Muse is surprisingly good at keeping up with Baby!Hannibal - maybe because he knows his Colonel pretty well.  Also, Baby!Hannibal rather likes his current set of babysitters.  He kept pointing up and making flying noises ever since Murdock Muse took him for a ride in the chopper.  That pretty much horrified B.A. Muse who thought the kid would be scarred for life but evidently, even as an infant, Baby!Hannibal was pretty much destined to be an Airborne Ranger. 

There was just one problem.

Hannibal Muse:  Did I hear you call me? 

The cute baby crawls past again and spots Hannibal.  Gurgling happily, he makes for the Colonel. 

Stitch blinks.  In Stitch's World, it is a rule of thumb that the same Muses of different ages cannot be seen together at the same time.  Mind-bending paradoxes and worlds-ending would ensue. 

Unless they were from alternate universes, which is a whole other story.

Bemused, Hannibal picks up the baby.  The resemblance is unmistakable.  The fact that the baby also had some resemblance to Face could not be missed as well.

Hannibal and Stitch stare at each other.  Ever quick on the uptake, Hannibal Muse catches on fast.

Hannibal Muse:  (horrified)  Stitch, you didn't -  

Stitch promptly bangs her head on the keyboard.

Stitch:  (moans) Oh. Hell. No. 

Hannibal Muse:  (growls)  I cannot BELIEVE you did this!   

Stitch:  (is hyperventilating)  Dude. OMG.  WTF.  It's YOUR baby!  And Face's baby too!

Hannibal Muse:  (indignant)  I thought you weren't going to write any MPREG for us?!

Stitch:  (wails)  I can't!  It's an impossibility in your universe! 

Hannibal Muse:  (exasperated) So why do Face and I end up with a baby?

Stitch:  (whimpers)  Because there IS such a thing as adoption?

Hannibal Muse: (sighs and looks at the little guy, who happily pats his nose.  Predictably, he melts.)  We're screwed, aren't we?

Baby:  (babbles in baby-talk which Hannibal evidently understands)

Hannibal Muse: (to the Baby)  How much trouble am I in, kid?

Baby:  (giggles and claps his hands)

Hannibal Muse:  That much, huh?  Oh, well, there's a plan for everything...

Stitch:  (keels over at teh cute) 

Okay, seriously, I have no idea if I'm going to write a kid into the current 'verse but it's kind of growing on me.  Just a little bit.  And probably in the VERY far future.  I hope.  (gulps)   Anyone up for naming a cute little baby boy with silver hair and big blue eyes? 



(The Muses will get to approve the name.  They're actually arguing about the whole thing as we speak.  Oh dear jeebus....) 


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